Ah, Sunday

Ah Sunday. We can’t do anything. No pressure. Doctors are at home. Hospitals and clinics have turned on their answering machines. Weekends are the times when Charley feels most relaxed since he can’t do anything.

Charley (my hero) bugged enough people and got Laelie an orthopedics appointment on Wednesday. So Laelia *might* get casts on her feet (or legs?) as early as three days from now.

It’s weird that we fight so hard for these torture appointments and then hate them when they are approaching. I’m really nervous about the appointment. Our daughter cries all the time now. This is different behavior than her first week or two of life. She cries all night long and at odd times of the day. She cries when she’s burped or moved or looked at. I’m worried she’s not a happy baby. I think once I stopped taking major pain medication for the C-section, then she stopped being so drugged and started to feel everything. (She cries WHILE she’s nursing!) I don’t think she’s in pain just lying in her bassinet… but she’ll scream anyway. I’m so exhausted. I don’t want to put braces or casts on her and have her scream her frustrations. I just want her to be happy, but I also want her to be able to have more movement by the time she’s 17. Will she thank me or hate me?

Laelia’s doctor told us she would sleep 20 hours a day. By my calculations she sleeps 10 hours a day, never for more than two or three hours at a time and only one or two of those hours happen at night. They say she has her days and nights mixed up. We’ve tried everything to switch her back from making it dark during the day so her eyes will stay open more (her doctor suggested) to having it bright during the day and dark at night.

I think she’s afraid of the dark. We started to leave a low light on all night long. When I turn off the lights at night she will fuss and jerk even when she’s safely in my arms.

She is always hungry now. They call it a growth spurt. She’s literally 45 minutes on and 45 minutes off most of the time. So I’ll start breast feeding at, say, 3:00 AM and she’ll finish at 3:45 AM between burping and so forth. Then Charley will change her diaper and I’ll spend twenty minutes getting her to stop screaming. Then I’ll catch a few minutes of sleep and she’s crying and hungry at 4:30 AM. She’ll eat until 5:15 AM. She’ll cry while I rock her. I’ll catch ten minutes of sleep. She’ll need to eat at 6:00 AM and how does she let me know it? She cries!

So my daughter is 18 days old, but it only feels like 18 minutes… under water. :)

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