No, we’re not in the fires

No, we’re not in the fires. We haven’t evacuated. Actually we’re in a good spot next to Qualcomm Stadium which is the evacuation site so people are actually coming to us. A few friends of friends have lost their homes and we had some visitors that couldn’t come see us today since they are leaving the highways for evacuations. We have a bag packed for baby, but I’m not worried at all since the fires are east and north of us. Yes, the fires are kinda close, but they are also far enough away to give us plenty of time to get to the beach if we need to. We’re trying to stay off the cell phones since everybody is trying to contact relocating friends and family. So if you’re calling, call the home phone. For more information about the evacuations:

Also for those of you who have asked about Laelie’s booboo on her knee, no, I didn’t drop her. She actually had that when she was born. I don’t know how, but she wasn’t moving and she was rubbing up against my ribs or something and it broke her knee open. So she was bleeding inside me which is a nasty thought. You can actually see the injured knee in the photos section. It’s her Playboy naked picture. :) It’s healing well and we have special medicine for it.

Also for those that have asked we FINALLY have an occupational therapy appointment! When we thought it was taking forever to authorize the appointments, it was *actually* taking them forever to *tell* us they authorized the appointment. If Charley wasn’t calling these jokers everyday, we would still be waiting for them to remember us and schedule an appointment. Just shows that no one is looking out for Laelia except those who love her. Since every day we wait on this stuff means she gets less help and less mobility for the future, it really makes us angry. But we have the appointment set for the 29th.

According to the specialists, we are putting her in the best care at the best hospitals. I’ve been assured by other parents that once you get past the red tape, bureaucracy and people who *don’t* care, then you get regular appointments with doctors and therapists who know you and have a relationship with you and *do* care. (Except for the occasional one who sees her as a pile of body parts.) Just got to jump this hurdle first.

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