Laelia slept six hours last night

The Lord has done amazing things for us! What joy!

Laelie slept six hours last night! Sure, it wasn’t in a row, but that’s the most she’s slept at night since… she was born I’m sure. :) It felt good.

I was worried that Laelia was afraid of the dark a while back. I think now that it was more the routine she was getting used to. Putting her in her bassinet and turning off the lights meant we weren’t at her beck and call anymore. It also meant that feeding time was definitely over. Well that just wouldn’t do so she would scream. Now she sleeps between us and she can get her food faster plus we’re right there in case she has a need. Now I can turn off the lights at night and it has made a big difference in how I sleep.

She’s so cute. She likes to make these goofy faces that remind me of her grandpa. I call her Squishy half the time because she’s got this squishy little face and the other half the time when her neck is stretched out a bit she looks like a little lady. I think I’m getting a glimpse of what she’ll look like when she’s an adult. It’s a weird feeling. I see so much of myself in her, but lately I’ve seen so much of her in myself. I enjoy looking at her.

She did get a cold and has been a little miserable lately. We called the nurse at 2am only to be told it was a cold and she wasn’t dying. (All this while the nurse waited patiently as we tried to figure out the rectal thermometer for the first time. Poor kid.) So the little girl has a runny nose and a cough that strikes while she’s eating and makes her gag. She also has problems breathing and we have to suck her nose out a lot. But it’s not a terrible cold and we’re getting through it. We also found a rhythm of breast feeding and breaking to breath that works for us. Also because of the cold, she now makes little whiny noises while she breaths which have been our first clue to what her voice sounds like (besides her screamy voice). Her little whines were so convincing that Charley asked *me* to stop. He thought I was making the noises. :)

Her casts mean that we can lift her legs when changing her diaper for the first time! You wouldn’t believe how impossibly hard it is not to be able to do that. I couldn’t change her diapers practically at all because my hands weren’t big enough to lift both hips while cleaning also while keeping her curling feet out of the poo. Lifting her hips had the effect of cramming her head and neck into the table. Now it’s like changing an average baby. Her legs are just a little heavier and we have to do it a little slower, but her feet aren’t getting gross anymore. It’s a little thing, but such a help.

Also she can sit in her car seat now! It was really hard for her before because of her legs, but now the casts pull her little legs out and we can get her buckled. (There were two times that I just told Charley I buckled her and I had only buckled the chest part because I didn’t want to hurt her anymore. I know that’s terrible, but I’m pretty sure I’m a ways away from turning into Brittney Spears. :)) Now she is fine in her car seat. So however hard the casts are, they make up for it here.

Hmmm… still feeling better. :)

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