Charles here

Charles here.

So as Alexis mentioned, we are making some progress with getting Laelia some help. She still needs regular PT/OT appointments (pray!), but she has casts now, making her about three inches longer than she was before. It’s nice to see some progress.

I’ve been trying to do some physical therapy exercises with her uncasted joints each day, just trying to get them moving around within their range of motion, but I don’t really know anything about how hard I can pull, or how often to do it, or how many reps to do each time. Hopefully that information will come with future appointments.

I feel like I’ve been pretty good at being content throughout my life. Now that Laelia is born, I find myself not even wanting to pray for contentment. I know that I can’t spend my time living for some future day that may or may not come; I need to rejoice in the blessings of my daughter and my family right now. But praying for contentment feels so much like just giving up. What if God actually gives me contentment, instead of changing things? So instead I’m praying to God that I would desire contentment–and in the meantime, can’t He just fix everything right now?

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