Fact: 100% of Arthrogryposis patients REQUIRE physical therapy.

Fact: 100% of Arthrogryposis patients need physical therapy IMMEDIATELY after birth.

Fact: Children with amyoplasia have fairly severe contractures at birth. With physical therapy, however, they usually attain a much improved range of motion.

Fact: Physical therapy is most productive in infants due to their flexibility and the longer PT is not started, the worse off these children are.

Fact: My daughter was diagnosed with Arthrogryposis and amyoplasia LESS THAN 24 HOURS AFTER BIRTH and we were told by two doctors that we needed to start physical therapy THAT DAY!

So why the hell are we not getting PT after three weeks!? We were “authorized” for it and they won’t schedule her! We were also only authorized for a finite number of appointments! When 100% of Arthrogryposis patients require extensive PT and depend on it for better basic functioning in the future and not getting it hurts their chances of walking then why in the @#$@$! world do we not have damned PT yet??? Why limit our appointments?! Why the hell would you need to give us only a few and then reevaluate her later?! Does it look like there is a cure for this?! Is there a flippin brain cell in any of their heads! We are doing PT ourselves at home with no medical training and have NO FREAKING CLUE WHAT WE’RE DOING!!! Has the world gone mad? We’re calling all the time! My doctor is calling them all the time! Our insurrance is trying their best not to pay for anything by making it impossible to get the ball rolling. We would pay for it ourselves! Just get it done! If she were openly bleeding would they not put bandages on her for the expense and hassle?!!! I bet not! I’ve never heard Charley raise his voice at anyone in my life and he’s had to do so several times to these people and still she gets no physical therapy! Idiots! And don’t even get me started on occupational therapy… that might not even happen for quite some time. Accccccccc!

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  1. Tina Innerst says:

    I am sorry but I had to laugh after reading this post. I have been there, done that and ARE STILL doing that!

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