Belly Button!

Our umbilical cord finally fell off! Hurray! It’s nice to see it gone. Now we can do tummy time!  It was  hard  to be so far behind on  a mile stone like this. Her umbilical cord should have fallen off weeks ago. She is already going to miss a few mile stones because of her disability so it was  hard watching her  miss one that had nothing to do with her disability. It’s strange how our emotional states (Charley’s included) were tied up with a bit of dead tissue. I finally twisted it off today (which made her squeak and then fall back asleep). It was hanging on by a thread. Now it looks so much better and I won’t have it’s mark on me when I hold her against my tummy. Yea! We have a belly button now!




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  1. Anna says:

    Hooray for a landmark–a belly button! She is such a cute little girl. I love her big, bright eyes!

    I am praying now that she will sleep hard and long tonight (and that the two of you will as well!).

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