We had a good Thanksgiving! But, wow, was our  schedule busy!

Monday: Got casts done.

Tuesday: Recovered from initial cast pains.

Wednesday:  In the morning we flew to Sacramento. By evening we were in South Lake Tahoe with Charley’s family. That night we drove home (baby screamed for 25 solid minutes, calmed down and then cried another 4 solid minutes… I   counted).

Thursday: Thanksgiving! We did the traditional meal at Grandma Wynema’s and movie afterward (while baby got babysat). Baby got to see lots of family for the first time.

Friday: We did the traditional ‘eat leftovers’ meal and played a game where Charley knew almost all the answers. And we watched lots of Star Trek.

Saturday: We went to VIPs where Dad promised (back  when I was pregnant and couldn’t have it) all the sushi and seafood I could eat! Then we went shopping for an early Christmas present from Dad and Grandmas Christina and Geri (Christina’s mom) of a digital camera. Lots more pictures of baby now! We also hung out with Auntie Em and Uncle Daniel and played guitar hero.

Sunday: We went to church at Gold Country and saw lots of friends and the new building and new nursery! Daniel’s parents came over to meet Laelie too. Then the whole family, Emily and Daniel included, played the dice game.

Monday: We left early for the airport and flew home. Then when we were  driving to our doctor’s appointment, they called and cancelled/rescheduled for Tuesday so we went home and  got to sleep!

Here are some pictures highlighting the things  Laelie learned on our trip:


We learned that Mommy will cuddle me if I stay cute too long.

Same goes for Grandma Wynema and Grandpa Dean!

We learned that Daddy and Grandpa would rather relax than cater to my every whim… especially when there are so many other family members that are willing to!

We learned that it can be dangerous to give six girls (and Daddy) colored markers!

We learned how to be fashionable like the big kids.

We learned that getting lots of love…

… can make little dogs jealous!

And the most important thing we learned…

That Christmas shopping is best done right after Thanksgiving!



Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!

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  1. Bethany says:

    Precious pictures! Way to be brave parents and travel even with a newborn! :)

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