If It’s Not Fires Then It’s Flooding…

So who wants to hear about my crappy day?! Everyone? Great!

It’s stretching into two days actually. It all started Yesterday (Thursday). Laelia had a doctor’s appointment to get her shots. Charley went to work and I started to get baby ready for the trip. Then I remembered that Charley had her immunization record and insurance card. So I call him… eight times. He says if you listen to all the voice mail messages back to back they get increasingly more desperate and hilarious. He swears he was in a meeting. So I go to the doctor and don’t have any paperwork.

I get there and it turns out they don’t know if they can do the shots because they do them on the leg which is covered in casts. They also can’t weigh her or measure her. The doctor looks at her and says there is enough upper leg (barely) to do the shots. But they end up pulling on the casts. Then they decide to weigh her anyway  in her casts and she is 11 pounds. So I’m worried she’s not gaining enough weight since the casts are heavy. Laelie starts to smile and play right before they give her the four shots and feed her the nasty medicine that she gags on. Now she’s screaming.

I get home and.. no wait I get back to the parking lot and something seems missing. That something turns out to be my license plate. It got stolen while I was in the office.  I wait forever for the manager to come over and tell me there’s no way I can prove that it was stolen from his parking lot. I thought these lots had security. The other three parking lots on this block  have security but this one doesn’t. I can park in those, but only this lot can be validated. He then refused to waive my parking fee for all the trouble and waiting I did. So I’m a liar and had to pay the parking fee with a check. Now I have to call the police and go to DMV.

While at the doctor’s, I got a great picture of Laelie being held by her Pediatrician. Then I got home and put the memory card from the camera into the card reader in order to post the picture and in doing so, snapped the card in half, which broke it and I lost all the pictures on it! Accc!

Then Laelie starts to/continues  to act funny. I change her diaper and accidentally rip off one of her band-aids. She cries more. Then lots of little things happen: I break  my nail,  Laelie has trouble eating, I skip two meals, the house gets messier. Charley comes home and picks her up and she starts screaming like she’s in a lot of pain. I yell at Charley.  Charley swears he didn’t do anything he doesn’t always do. She won’t stop crying.

She wakes me up all night long. Around 5am I notice that she is hotter than normal. I take her temp and she has a fever. I give her Tylenol (I managed to cut my thumb under the nail on the packaging *groan*) and I change her out of her warm clothes.   We wait it out. Around 7:30 the fever breaks. She’s still really fussy. I check her toes and fingers just in case. That’s when I notice that the toes on her left foot have retreated into the cast. Oh no.

We call the doctor (orthopedic) and she’s on vacation. We get an appointment with another orthopedic guy but not until  11am. I get there early and have to wait over an hour while my daughter is in pain. Sure enough the cast slipped. It bent the toes and caused some damage–the whole foot looks terrible. She has an open sore on her leg from it coming down and cutting her. It had to have been terribly painful.

It’s raining. A lot.

We fix her leg cast and she cries and cries. I am carrying a diaper bag,  car seat  and umbrella. I have to walk three blocks from the nearest parking lot to the office. They charge me for the visit. They charge me for the parking. By the time I get back outside it is raining horizontally. While managing the trek back to my car my umbrella (covering the baby not me) gets blown straight up and breaks. I get to the parking lot (uncovered parking lot) and realize that some dummy has parked right up against me. I can’t get in the car. I can’t get the car seat in the car. I am stuck out in the rain far away from the building with a seven-week old in a car seat with a soggy blanket and broken umbrella  and looking like I fell in a lake. I managed to bend my umbrella back the other way so it at least covered Laelie’s face, climb over a railing (over a cliff) and get my door open enough to get the car seat in sideways. Then I strapped her in the back, crawled back out and got in the driver’s side while banging my door against  a metal post. It took ten minutes. Oh and did I mention that in San Diego there is no such thing as rain or cold weather? I’m one of the dummies that believe that and I’m in flip flops, a short-sleeve shirt and a long skirt that is covered in flood waters to the knees. Also no one in San Diego prepares for that much rain. A lot of the roads are flooded and I have to take long routes around rivers in the roads. There  are flood warnings all over southern California. Laelie picked a great day for her cast to slip.

We think that we pulled the cast down a little too far to get those shots and then when  I changed  her diaper it slipped more. I thought it was the band-aid so didn’t know. Then when Charley picked her up it was the last bit that did it. Her foot looks so bad. I just sat and cried in the clinic. Good thing we had that Tylenol.

I keep thinking about what I would do if this all happened while I was still at work. There are so many doctors appointments on top of something like this happening.

While on my way back from the clinic, I got a call from the daycare I’ve been drooling over called Together We Grow (http://www.togetherwegrow.net/). It turns out that we can’t afford it. They say Medicare will help, but we  don’t qualify (but we’re going to try anyway). There are two other kids with her condition there. It sounds really great. I’m going to try to get in anyway and take a tour. They suggested meeting with one of the other moms while I’m there. Every doctor Laelia has been to knows this mom and say she’s great. We’ll keep trying to get her care.  I know without government help these care facilities are really a long shot.

Let’s see. Oh I ran out of gas on my way back from the doctor. Forgot to mention that. I was near enough to a gas station so that was fine. The water running through the gas station from the flooding covered up to my ankles. (Why did I wear flip flops???) We just got home and I  went to get  a warm blanket from the dryer to wrap around Laelie.  But my dryer broke. Laelia also has a fever again.

So I’m sitting here wrapped in a blanket with my daughter,  typing all this out and laughing my head off. I’m waiting for the rampaging elephants to come though here any moment.

3 Responses to “If It’s Not Fires Then It’s Flooding…”

  1. Carolyn Allen says:

    LOL, oh man! I think that does win the world record for the worst day ever. I admire your sense of humor about it all though! Sometimes there’s nothing left to do but laugh :) (And Laelia totally looks like Charley when she grins like that, what a ham she looks like she already is!)

  2. linda wesley says:

    i’m so glad you were laughing by the end. the whole day sounds so ludicrous that i was about ready to laugh myself, and when i saw that you were, i felt a lot better about it =). you sounded so great on the phone yesterday! i’m looking forward to seeing you soon…!

  3. aduma says:

    Wow. That’s amazing. Praying for you guys.

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