Mad like insane. It’s insane to have a little girl with nerve endings in terrible pain located in limbs she CAN’T EVEN USE! Why does God hate my baby girl? This is the worst pain she’s ever been in!  Doctors have told me everything from, “Give it a week, then we’ll know if it’s really hurting her,” to “I think she just wants you to pick her up.” Argg! I’m worried that  I’m giving her too much Motrin. It shouldn’t be this way. How come all the stupid abusive people or drug addicts or polygamists get all these healthy children that are perfect and I have a paraplegic in terrible pain who can’t sleep or eat? How can a window washer fall 47 stories and be moving more arms and legs than my daughter can? And she only had one little in-the-womb  accident no one knows the cause of! Although people look at me like I sat there punching my stomach all during my pregnancy, I didn’t even have so much as a fever! I’m so mad! She just screams. We’re so upset. I watch my husband cry out of the depth of despair.  What terrible thing did we possibly do to deserve this? Some people have been so mean. The whole world is just screwed up. And during the worst pain of my daughter’s small life, I am throwing up with a fever and body aches and can’t lift my head let alone her little body into my arms. I hate these shoe braces!  Why God? Why allow all this crap?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Polygamists.. *snicker*

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