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Sorry the updates are not as frequent. Besides creating a new album  of baby pictures, I haven’t been able to get on the computer much.  This weekend I started to get some severe pain in my neck, shoulder and  shooting down my arm. By Sunday night it was unbearable and we spent the day (as a family) at the urgent care where I was given an arm sling, told to use my neck brace and sent home with a prescription for a muscle relaxer that I can’t use while breastfeeding. Today my entire right arm is asleep down to my thumb and every time I hit this space bar it tingles. I can’t lift my child or bend down to her. I can’t turn my head. My right bicep was actually spasming  so  bad it physically  raised my sweatshirt and when Megan came to babysit Laelia today she ended up babysitting me. :)

All that to say that I have an excuse for not posting these last few days, but as for the rest of the week,  I was just busy.  Actually that Sunday/Monday (backdrop of my last blog post) was pretty rough. Major depression hit and things were dim. We got a lot of emails and offers of prayer and support. Monday really sucked bad. Makes me thankful that time is linear and life goes on. Here’s the run down in brief of the rest of the week that didn’t suck so much.

Tuesday: Got a great report from our PT/OT team. Laelia is looking good. Dr. Jill praised Tammi and Megan and Charley and me for doing her stretches so well. She  wants some pictures of Laelia when she was so little and bent to show alongside a current picture since she looks so much better now. Dr. Jill lectures at conferences and is very familiar with AMC. This was very encouraging. Laelia’s every finger twitch was praised and celebrated. I wish more doctors focused on her progress. I went home and had a great time with the family. Here’s a random video from that day of baby laughing (and me laughing too for those of you who have forgotten what that sounds like).

Wednesday: Dawn from Early Start came over and we did Laelia’s stretches together. Dawn revealed one of her super powers: she had actually done another AMCer’s stretches once upon a time. During a difficult stretch, Dawn broke out with The Itsy Bitsy Spider complete with large hand motions. She is the master of her craft. :) We ended the day with some tummy time. I think we may have done too much that day. :)

Thursday: I was excited because this was the only day with no doctor’s appointments or anything. Well because I’m a masochist  I called Orthotics to check on the status of Laelia’s braces.

They had them. I was not informed.

Being the rational person that I am, I chose to believe that the doctor “was just about to call me” even though “she had left for the day” and I would be there to get the braces in ten minutes. Oh no, we can schedule an appointment but not until eight days from now. Can’t I come in now? No. Can’t another doctor deal with me? No.

Oh and I had to have my orthopedics doctor take off the casts (why?), but  orthopedics didn’t want to see me until a week after these people took off the casts. “So get that appointment and work it out so that you do that right before you come over to  get her braces  in eight days.” I asked if I could call them back and then I banged my head against a wall, called my husband to cuss them out behind their backs and then screamed. Once calm I resumed, “Hey it’s Laelia’s mom again. Listen I need this last week, I was told by my other doctor that you had the equipment there and you’ll be taking them off. I’m free now and almost every day after  work although that will mean cancelling with other doctors.” So they call my doctor’s cell and she calls me back and says it can only be done tomorrow during my work hours by someone I didn’t know. Fine. Grrr. The casts  were bothering her and  had slipped so I had no choice. Also she had shots planned for that day  and I was told they  had to give the shots  on her thigh which was covered in casting. Monday’s depression  was back.

Friday:  Called work. Went to get casts off. Then got braces.  Which hurt. Then went and got shots. The nurse was cute and was all worried that hurting my baby would  upset me. Hahaha.  My kid, the tank, barely flinched. She cried a little and then was fine.  Five shots later and  Laelia was like, “What that’s it? I’ve been through  the tornado and you  think I’d be afraid of  the fan? I laugh at you mortals!” “She has an amazing pain tolerance,” I explained.  Her doctor gave her the clean bill of health and she grinned for him. By the way, Dr. Schwartz loves to get on Charley when he’s not at an appointment, even though it’s in the middle of a workweek, in the middle of the day and our kid has more doctor’s appointments than hair on her head. Despite all that it’s always, “Where’s dad?” I love it. :)

The bars on the windows are so I don’t escape.

All in all, the day was okay, considering. Laelia was miserable, but took to these braces much better than the others. They still don’t keep her heel in place and are unnecessarily painful when they slip. But her pain levels aren’t as bad as before. She still wakes up several times a night to scream out in surprised pain. It’s like a knife to the gut every time. She only requires a little attention and then falls back into a deep sleep.

Saturday: My friend, Lauren, recently returned from Romania to get hitched. Lauren called me to announce the news several months back to which, all thoughts being with her, I replied, “Laelia has just the outfit!” I’m sure the bride looked alright on the wedding day too. :)

Hi Lauren! Happy Wedding!

There was no flower girl in this wedding, and I’m sure that’s only because Lauren had yet to see how pretty my kiddo was in pink :)… of course since that’s Lauren’s least favorite color… anyway…  

One other great thing about this day was all the people who came up to me and remarked how pretty my baby was. What? Not how special? That’s right! I took off her braces (that were making her cry 24/7 which is forbidden during a wedding) and splints. Her hands only look awkward when you realize they’re stuck that way. One person came up and lifted a little hand in  their finger and then remarked how sleepy the baby was since Laelie didn’t grip her finger or push against it. I know it’s probably foolish to be so happy that someone mistook Laelie for a typical, albeit sleepy, baby, but I was thrilled.  

It wasn’t until a bit after the reception that I started to realize that my pain wasn’t going away and my whole right side was stiff, but now you’re all caught up. Oh and Saturday  afternoon I shot this great video, taken once again while my darling husband was unawares. They are both sound asleep, but when Charley moves his arm in sleep, Monkey-Do copies it. I love it. :)

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  1. Kristin Hetrick says:

    You guys have the BEST pediatric group in San Diego! Dr Edwards is my girls’ Pediatrician and we LOVE LOVE LOVE the whole group of them…Dr. Edwards, Dr Schwartz, Dr Nakahara, whenever the girls need something…lets just say they are amazing advocates! Use them to your advantage.

    Sorry I haven’t called yet, I still have your number and will be in touch soon. We’ve just had too much drama lately, oh and I get to visit your side of the world tomorrow, we will be at ortho tomorrow, Emma broke her elbow…ugh!


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