So very tired.

Charles here.  

So I guess Alexis mentioned that Laelia wakes up several times a night. She screams out, and then I go over and pick her up, and she stops crying immediately and falls asleep in my arms. It’s like she’s not really waking up at all, but sleep-screaming. Or something.

I think I figured out why she does this. It’s not really a pain thing, per se, but a comfort thing. She will thrash around in her sleep, much like her daddy–for her this consists of turning her head one way or the other, and arching her back as much as possible. Well, she isn’t able to twist as much now, because the shoes are keeping her in one position. So she does her sleepy thrashing and isn’t able to move, and freaks out, and then gets held and goes immediately back to sleep. Hopefully she will adjust to the braces soon, and not do this as much. I am so very tired.

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  1. Missy says:

    when we’ve had to restrain David’s arms at night he use to do the same thing… it did get better, he got more use to it and didn’t wake up nearly as often, poor kids, it’s got to be hard to go from the womb where they could move wherever to earth where they are not able get comfortable. My step sister had one of the bar braces to fix her leg position for the first year of her life; she learned to crawl while wearing it, my step mom did tell me recently that it was hard for my sister at first but they all got use to it.
    thinking of you guys all the time and cursing medical offices with you!

  2. aduma says:

    Oh shroud. I’ve got no way to know how you guys feel and what you’re dealing with, but I’m praying for you none the less. I pray that you’ll get whatever sleep you need and that God will be sufficient for the rest.

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