Measurements of time.

This is a collection of videos filmed this week. Laelia did a lot of firsts this week and we are very excited.  It’s looking like baby’s first word is going to be, “Yeeeaaaaaaaayyy!” since we tend to reward her with lots of “yay!”s. These videos warrant a  new special measurement of time.  As far as dates go, we already have AD and BC so let’s use  *DRDLMB.

First time Laelia holds up right arm while it’s weighed down with her day splint!
Video taken three days past DRDLMB.

Laelia moves her left arm! Keep in mind it is also weighed down with a splint.
Video taken three days past DRDLMB.

Laelia accomplishes a big kick for one of the first times!
Three days after DRDLMB.

If you think that’s something, you haven’t seen anything yet! Her therapist explained that there are tendons on her right arm that are pulling the whole hand down, and no matter how much we stretch her, the hand won’t be straight until she moves her wrist back on her own. Well today, four days since DRDLMB, she moved that wrist for the first time!

*DRDLMB=Day Retarded  Doctor  Limited My Baby  

4 Responses to “Measurements of time.”

  1. Missy says:

    these videos are so beautiful to watch. I hope you both never give up hope and whenever you feel down look at these videos and remember these moments and don’t ever let the doctors define your lives, remember, they are so afraid of malpractice lawsuits that they don’t and can’t think in any hopeful terms (and they could just be dumb on top of that). Hooray for arms and indepedent wrist movement!

  2. Bethany says:

    What great videos! I’m always amazed by Laelia’s smiles and precious little independent spirit. She obviously couldn’t care less what the doctors have to say about her development. :) I’m so happy for you all; I’m sure these new movements are immensely encouraging!

  3. Joel Kreider says:

    Wow, that’s so unbelievable! Even my spirits are lifted… thanks for the videos Bev!

  4. Chris says:

    Wow! I haven’t read your blog for a few weeks – I’m so excited to see what your beautiful daughter can do! Laelia has such a sweet face. I love seeing her smile. Thanks for posting the video!

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