Straight and tall!

These  are  great before and after pictures. Despite the  pain and hardships, seeing these pictures side by side really makes us appreciate what  the stretching and  casts and splints and braces did for our daughter. Enjoy!


4 Responses to “Straight and tall!”

  1. Beth says:

    WOW!! That is a big difference. :)

  2. Melissa R says:

    She looks so great, and she is getting so big!

  3. admin says:

    On her right side, her fingers touched her forearm, and that’s why you can’t even see her fingers in the top picture! Her right wrist was so much worse, but I didn’t have a good picture of it.

  4. Maya says:

    Awesome! We go for our first OT exam for my baby’s hands on Wednesday, and this has given me so much hope, I can’t even say!

    Rock on, Laelia!

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