Ears pierced.



Those ears! :) They are big even when we’re not holding them out like that. Perfect for earrings. After a ton of research and getting her shots, Laelia finally got her little earrings! They are a rose color (her birthstone) and adorable! A little group of girls surrounded her to watch. Their moms were telling them that they got earrings when they were my baby’s age. It was cute.

I’d like to say this is a family tradition, but usually the rule was that we had to be old enough to ask for them (I was three years old) and it was three holes on one side and two on the other. (Which made buying earrings for my sister who was a bride’s maid in my wedding kinda hard.) I liked the earring tradition on mom and my sister, but I like things symmetrical so I only have the two. We’ll have to wait until Laelia is old enough to ask for five holes in her head before we do that one.

Getting Laelie earrings, a thing I wanted to do if I had a little girl, was very important to me. It helped me feel normal for some reason. This was a normal outing as a family (grandma in tow) and we had the normal worries about it that parents have. Plus her AMC was not a factor at all! Maybe that’s why it was so fun.

Okay fun for me but hard on her daddy. Even though baby did not even cry (until the lady started to mess with the ear), Charley still wanted to skip her stretches for the day and wouldn’t put her down for a while. He’s also been stressing over cleaning the area three times a day. He had to hold her when they did it too. I couldn’t hold her, no, he had to. He’s a very adorable father. :) He does better at doctor-related pain than this kind of optional pain, but IT WASN’T THAT BAD! It was barely a prick and she never gave it a second thought. She even slept through the night. So it was no big deal, but, to her daddy, it was scary watching someone who didn’t have a medical degree touching his baby. :)

Now I’d like to think that people won’t ask me if she’s a boy or girl anymore, but the other day  I saw a  boy around eight years old who had earrings in both ears. Gotta love my neighborhood. :)

Right before she does the second ear, the lady comments on the wiggly babies she had been piercing earlier that day and says in a sing song voice, “She don’t move… that’s good!” Well, if only she knew.

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