Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

I’m wearing green so why are people still pinching my cheeks!


I love this picture.  When I put her  right hand on her left,  she dug her  nails in  making it look like she’s pinching herself. And would you check out that strawberry hair! I’m Irish (my maiden name is Conley), so it’s no surprise I produced one Irish-looking kiddo.  Perfect holiday for her. :)  

I think we’ll celebrate the day by dying  Laelie’s milk green and watching Charley freak out when he sees it. What? It’s just been sitting there a little while and collected  a little mold, Honey, don’t worry about it. :)

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  1. Linda Wesley says:

    haha! does she really have strawberry hair? how cute! i’m praying for you guys, and i hope you’re all well this week. much love!

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