Busy week


My Easter dress and friends.  

Just to start off, we haven’t met with anyone from the Regional Center yet. I thought they would come Monday, but we’ll try to see someone next Monday. We were told it is a long process once it actually gets started  so we are certain it will take too long when you figure in MediCal’s wait period. We’ll be looking for someone to help watch Laelia this summer while we continue to try to work it out.  You know since we don’t want to quit our jobs, move or get divorced. :)  

Miserable process.

Anywho, this was a busy week. We had Saint Patrick’s Day followed by a Baby Shower for Laelie followed by Easter. All three of us have been battling sickness too.


Saturday was the shower lovingly  thrown together by Lisa. There were plates that looked like onesies  that said “Love Bug” on them piled high with lemon bars. :)  It was  great. Laelie got lots of love and attention and  so did Mommy for that matter. It was a very fun and encouraging party.

The next day was Easter Sunday where Laelie hung out in the nursery with her friends. (See the picture above.) Once I hand her off to the nursery worker with instructions  that include typical things such as, “Make sure her feet don’t turn purple,” I always get this crazy desire afterwards to run down the street screaming, “Sweet freedom!”  The  desire became so strong that even though it was Easter, I suggested to  Charley that we use our baby-free time to go for a walk (or make out in the car–I’m not picky), :)  but  Charley always makes sure I get safely across the grass and into church.

After that we  went to a potluck with the same baby shower  crowd (plus the husbands) and got to relax. It was hard to go back to work on Monday after all that excitement. Laelie started to get sick around that time too. In hindsight I did let a lot of cute little kids touch the baby. Bad Mommy! I stayed home with her  Tuesday and she’s doing  better now. Of course I found a large lump in my breast today and figure it may be round three mastitis. Does it ever end?

After baby and I got back from her baby shower on Saturday, Daddy spent the rest of the afternoon teaching baby how to play Mass Effect. I included the video. Enjoy!  :)

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