I’m not sure what political statement baby is trying to make here. :)

Well speaking of politics, I have decided to write to  my congressman about Laelia’s situation. I am also writing an official complaint to Scope about her KFOs and braces being unconscionably  delayed.  I’m  also writing another letter to Laelia’s insurance case worker  about  covering nursing care. And if I don’t like any replies I get back, I’m going to the Dept of Health.  And if all that doesn’t work out, onto the local  news media!      

Well  some of those  things are only the plan if  Laelia is not accepted by the Regional Center for a MediCal waiver that will get her into Together We Grow. Oh and  our Regional Center appointment got changed again. Now it will be Thursday, April 3rd. If that doesn’t work out, then it will be the 14th.

But I’m not backing down! (This from the  person who was  too scared to change her major in college because the registrar was a meanie and she was afraid to complain.) No more Miss Nice Mommy!

3 Responses to “Politics”

  1. Bethany says:

    Good for you!!!! I especially like the idea of going to the media. Things will probably start happening pretty quickly once a little outrage is generated. :)

  2. Missy says:

    If you need any other letters, I know a couple of people who would love to sign their names to your Declaration of Sucky Medical Coverage and the Treatment of all Humans.

  3. Carolyn Allen says:

    Good for you! Working with kids with autism, I’ve seen a lot of parents have to take on some of the same kinds of battles (although admittedly with a larger support group, simply based on the incidence of the disorders) I am so impressed with all that you are doing on behalf of your child, and while I’m so sorry you have to do it, it sounds like you’re doing the right thing. If you’re ever in Arizona I’ll do some babysitting for you! Keep it up, you guys are an inspiration.

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