My grandma, Laelia’s great grandma, Louise (aka Gram), died this morning. We had almost named Laelie after her; it would have been Laelia Louise. Now I wish we had. I miss her terribly.

I find myself really angry for the first time someone in my family has died. Yes I’m sad, but I’m more angry than anything. I blame someone in this situation. Gram was miserable and I blame the party who made her miserable. I’m mad.

In fact I just gave Scope a piece of my mind. That included finally saying what I wanted to say to a receptionist, but also demanding an apology (then getting one and demanding it in writing…I’m a bad person) from the manager who is never anything but nice to me. Hopefully my daughter will not have to wait so long next time for orthotics. A month and a half is too long when you’re only a few months old!  I wish I had been a little nicer to the manager, but I’m glad I finally got up the nerve to  complain!  

I then called my insurance but they were out for the day. To make up for not getting to try out my new found courage (aka blinding anger) on new prey, I called up Charley to say what I *would* have said to them and then pouted all afternoon.

Oh and the whole time I was  asking Scope, “Why wasn’t this done?” and “Why did that take so long?” in my not-so-nice voice, I was forced to play peek-a-boo with my daughter (who would cry  when I  stopped) AND pump breast milk.

Can you picture how ridiculous that  looked!    

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