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Monday, March 3rd, 2008



Yeah we’re cool. :) To celebrate her five month mark, Laelia got a big upgrade in sleeping arrangements. She moved out of her bassinet and into her crib! That meant we had to kick the cats out of  the crib  and find a new home for the  random baby crap that had collected  over the last several months. We also had to clear a path from  the door to the crib  through the dumping station, um,  I mean  spare bedroom. :) It all paid off. I put Laelia in her new surroundings and she grinned her head off at the mobile for a while and  then fell peacefully asleep for the whole night! Woot!

We love  sleeping with Puppy the cat, but Mommy doesn’t let  the kitty  in our crib.

We made it to five months! Oh how the time has gone!  Let’s see, she  now  sleeps at night.  Her strawberry mark has faded a lot. She smiles and pouts with her bottom lip. She’s out of casts!  She’s totally more fun now! :)

Gosh, I love her.

Charley and I also love having  our bedroom to ourselves again. ;)

It also  looks like Laelia is also going to get a little party. Lisa from church is giving Laelie a  baby shower  and I’m really excited about it! My work did one for me and I threw myself a little one, but this will be the first real shower where I don’t have to make anything, buy anything, do any work or go to work. :)  I can’t wait!

Last week before Christina, I mean Grandma, went home, we found a stroller on Craig’s List for $20! Right before we found that, we got a letter in the mail that Laelia’s car seat was being recalled. (I guess we can be hit from  the front or behind, but don’t side swipe us or the kid will go flying!) So when  we went to get the stroller, we ended up getting the car seat to go with it too! All for $20! I feel like a garage sale shark. :) With this stroller I don’t have to carry her car seat from place to place and hopefully I can avoid wrecking my arm and shoulder again. My thumb is STILL asleep from the pinched nerve!

Today I am working on  Laelie’s Shriner’s application. I finally got Laelia’s birth certificate this afternoon  and a MediCal appointment day before yesterday  so I’m ready for action!

***Warning*** This is  the part of the blog where Alexis talks about orthopedics (eg. devolves into a ranting crazy).

Also today I decided  I was sick of patiently waiting for Scope to finish  Laelie’s KFOs. Those are the orthotics that would  cover her knees. Do you see her knees? Well you shouldn’t. They should be covered in metal and hard plastic like the rest of her. Our orthopedic doctor ordered the KFOs on February 15th in the morning. It’s now March 3rd in the afternoon. How long is it going to take? So I called them.

Would you believe they have not even started on them?

Worse than that. They had not signed the paperwork or sent it over to Laelie’s insurance for approval or anything! So they not only  haven’t started on them, they haven’t started on starting on them!  We were not contacted, of course, and they wouldn’t let me set up an appointment for casting the KFO molds since they don’t know how much longer it will take! If I hadn’t called, they would simply not have ever been done! The order went straight from orthopedics on the 15th to a black hole! When I asked what happened I  got a shopping list of  policies and was then informed about all the hoops  I had left to go through. Then I was told it would be put on the top of the pile of things to get to next! Oldest trick in the book. I  work in  customer service, I know this game. You didn’t  do your job and now you’ll try to get me to look left  instead of right (through you).

So now I am forced to beg my insurance to try to get this pushed through.

Laelia’s knee caps will become solid in  around a month from now. I wanted the legs to be straightened  while the knees were still flexible and  well before the kneecaps would  harden.  This could save her  from  painfully stretching  hardened kneecaps. You see making these blunders repeatedly with my child’s care doesn’t only tick me off, it also makes her life harder and more painful! I swear if I have to hold their hands (or kick their butts) through this whole process I darn well will!

While I’m ranting about her care, let me just say that I want a KFO/brace hybrid for her legs and feet that will work on her knees while keeping her club feet straight. This contraption doesn’t exist. It works in theory, but they don’t make them since children usually don’t have this problem.  I haven’t figured out who I have to kill to get it made. I was told by  her orthopedic doctor that if I came in next week with this contraption, he would be impressed. Well I’m not bloody MacGyver! Why won’t anyone help me here?! I can’t wait until her Shriner’s application is finished. I hope I find a good doctor there.

Darn it! I’m a mother, Jim, not an engineer!

Saturday, March 1st, 2008

 I knew something was  wrong, but I couldn’t figure out what.  ;)  


That’s better. :)

Thanks for the fix, Grandma! And thanks for the bouncy chair, Holly!