Doctors focused on disability overlook the basics

Laelia or Lucas?

So often the doctors seeing Laelie have focused so much on her  AMC that they have failed to notice the person under the disability. I have watched a medical professional work every one of Laelie’s joints while writing so many notes, but not ask one single question about her health or progress. No one cares to notice that her hair is  coming in or her  strawberry face mark is fading  or even  that we pierced her ears!

But the biggest  oversight of all hit us today.

Baby went in for her check up after therapy and the nurse asked if Laelia was a boy or a girl.  We told her that Laelie was in fact a girl, thus the ridiculously unpronounceable feminine name.  The nurse gave us a funny look before getting the doctor. When the doctor came in he asked who had diagnosed Laelia with AMC. We told him that it was done while we were still at the hospital. We had all sorts of information about that to give him.  Then he asked us who wrote up her  information for the birth certificate. I wasn’t sure since things like  her length or a foot print  couldn’t be done for it because of the AMC.  We were so focused on her disability that  we forget all the other stuff. “Well,” he said somberly, “there’s one more thing they overlooked. Laelia is a boy.”

A boy?! Charley and I had wondered about that when changing  diapers, but being our first baby we had no idea what to expect! I couldn’t believe no one had ever told me what my baby’s gender was!  Everyone was  just too busy fussing over  baby’s  diagnosis.

The nurse empathized with us. I guess this isn’t the first time a baby has been thought to be the oposite  gender for months, especially if the baby had some sort of disability that distracted the doctors.  Apparently there is a test they can do to make absolutely sure if the baby is male, but since Laelie has AMC in her legs she cannot take the test because it requires standing and peeing at the same time.

I’m just glad that the first of April also happens to be Make-really-especially-sure-your-baby-is-actually-a-girl Day. I don’t know what we would have done if no one had checked! How foolish!


Happy April Fools Day!

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