Gram Louise

As much as April Fools was a wonderful distraction, nothing feels as good as when Gram was with us. In this old picture, I remember all the happy times  with Gram. The baby in the middle is me.  Gram Louise is  on the right. On the left is Grandma Lucy, in front is my cousin Amy (or Jennie, but I’m pretty sure Amy) Lora and on the far left is my dad. I miss my grandmas so much.  The world  would be so much better if these two women were still in it.

Gram, I miss you so much it hurts. I’m so angry you never got to hold Laelie because of where you were taken. So angry you were hurt.  So angry, even though I know you  wouldn’t want that.  

You would deal with Laelia’s condition with grace and patience. I’m not one fifth the woman you were. I wish I could love like you did. I wish I could forgive like you could. You were the closest thing to perfect that  humanity will ever achieve. And you were mine.

This hug’s for you.

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