At a loss

Regional Center says Laelia can’t get a MediCal waiver through them. Will not happen. Now or ever. If she had Down Syndrome or Epilepsy or something like that then she’d be eligible. This last  avenue is definitely officially as of today a dead end. And that’s bad considering this was her last option.

Regional Center did accept Laelia due to her developmental delays and will look into any options she may have to get MediCal, but they warned us that they didn’t know of any. They will also  help with our therapy copays starting today.  Every little bit helps, but really we need  $30 an hour for Together We Grow more than we need  $30 a week to help with therapy. I wonder if Tammi and Megan know they’re worth $30 an hour!

I see the closed door, but I don’t see a single open window.

Charley is getting me a list of state representatives and congress people, etc, to mail  some letters about our situation. I have written two letters  to my insurance person (who has totally blown us off) and another  to Aetna’s main office when I figure out where to send it.  

I hate feeling like my little girl has fallen between the cracks.    

My complaint the other day to Scope came to fruition. I  got a call  from the manager who apologize again, and then I apologized to him for the way I came across (it was  a regular love fest with both of us apologizing and promising to work better together in the future).  He admitted to overlooking Laelia’s  shoes and forgetting her paperwork. I have a feeling that won’t be a problem in the future. He promised  the KFOs that we requested from Scope on February 15th would be ready Friday, April 4th. And that’s good because her orthotic shoes (that she’s outgrown)  put a hole in her foot this morning.  

On top of everything else, my boobs hate me! They have stopped producing breast milk. I was sick this morning and had huge knots in them. Getting mastitis for the third time is the last straw!!! Although this last time I caught it early and so far have only  been just  a little sick, but my milk supplies have suffered.  Both sides only  produced one ounce of milk  between them  after I  pumped for two  and a half hours this morning. We bought some emergency  formula last night so we’ll be okay. I cried all morning feeling I’d lost something precious.  

Charley and I held each other and comforted each other today. We put Laelie in the middle and hugged and hugged. I love my little family so much! I sometimes worry  that if we can’t get into Together We Grow or some daycare that has nurses or therapists doing her stretches, what it will do to our marriage. Not that we’d ever get divorced, but I mean  our happiness wanes as we deal with our baby crying after painful, 30-minute  stretches everyday.  I’ve been grinding my teeth; Charley has been getting unbearably numb. It just makes everything harder. Laelia continues to be a joy, but today after I stretched her and then held her as she cried, I was thinking that this would be nothing for a nurse, but it’s terrible for a mother.    

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  1. Missy says:

    hey, Alexis, when you get this check your myspace, I messaged you. Chris is out on alert and he’s the one with your phone number or I’d call you. I just realized that I might be able to get you all some advice about the government insurance stuff.

  2. aduma says:

    I’m praying for you guys.

  3. Robin Clark says:

    I am shocked that Regional Center told you that Laelia wouldn’t qualify for the Medicaid Waiver. I’m talking to my EI co-worker Monday about this. I am glad that they will help with something, although it is not what you really need the most.

    I believe that the RC should help you and Charley with counseling. They are usually vendored with a vast number of therapists. The intent is primarily to give help to families with young ones who are trying to cope with their child’s disability (and the frustration of agencies like the RC). I highly suggest that you ask about that. I realize that in order for you two to go together that presents another problem in itself. Perhaps even some individual counseling (even during a lunch hour or there abouts) would bring you some sense of relief.

    Keep going on with the letter writing and I hope that Missy’s information (I know your mother, Barbara, Missy–we go to FUMC)
    will help you.

    I will certainly keep you all in prayer. There is a way.

    Robin Clark

  4. Chris says:

    Hello –
    I had milk issues with my first baby – I used the herb “fenelgreek” – it helps with milk production. They are drops that you take, and are about $10 from a natural foods store.
    I’ll be continuing to pray for your insurance situation.

  5. devorce says:


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