Ask your mother

I am so mad! I just got a letter from iHSS. They are denying us, without sending someone over, because we need to be approved by MediCal in order to receive iHSS! The only reason we’re doing iHSS is because we were denied by MediCal!

It’s our government’s version of “ask your mother.”

Hey Mom, can I…

Ask your father.

Okay, hey Dad can I…

Ask your mother.

Mom, Dad says…

I’m busy, you need to have your father deal with this.

Dad, Mom says…

I said to ask your mother!


I am so sick of getting doors slammed in my face! Can anyone think of another way to get a $#%@*& MediCal waiver?

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  1. Robin Clark says:

    Hi Wesley’s,
    I’m not sure if you read my comment to an earlier post about trying to get MediCal. I work for the Regional Center in the Placerville office. I asked the woman in the main office in Sacramento about how you might get MediCal. She mentioned the nursing waiver and that is handled by the “home operations” office of MediCal. My EI co-worker (10 years with the Regional Center) understands your plight. She suggested that if you can find a good, caring small home for daycare, one of the PTs can train the caregiver in stretching Laelia. I know that isn’t what you want, but at this point it would help you get her into daycare with the special care that she needs. I also mentioned that the RC should pay for counseling for you. Keep being the squeaky wheel!

    Robin Clark
    Alta Regional Center, Service Coordinator,
    mother of Linda’s friend, Brenton Clark

  2. Kristin Hetrick says:


    Talk with your advocate and I’ll look into a couple of other things. Don’t give up. You WILL get medi-cal for your daughter.


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