Placerville, a trip in pictures

Forced to move by a window after mommy just finished buckling me down, a little annoying. Having to plug  my ears with  a blanket since the engines made  me cry, not comfortable.  Having  my  braces set off the airport  metal detectors… priceless.

I spent all morning Friday downtown at the social security building. I got lost on foot trying to find it, was ten minutes late to my interview then ended up sitting between one crazy lady talking to herself and one foul-smelling  man who  announced he had ring worm. When I was called in for my interview, two women complained loudly that “that girl” somehow cut in line. And, after all that, I was denied in less than ten minutes! I asked the lady what I could do and she said my last chance was iHSS. I tried to get this interview with SSI done over the phone but that was not an option when I set it up. Then when I get there I find out that I could have absolutely done it over the phone! Accch! Then we’re in a total rush to get to the airport with baby on time. Charley got off work ten minutes before we had to leave. We arrived  late at night  after our flight was delayed and were totally exhausted.  


When family members would ask where baby and Charley were, I would go into the back bedroom and take another adorable shot of the two of them  to show whoever asked me. Baby got to fall asleep in many new, exciting places. She fell asleep on her Auntie Em several times.

My Auntie Em

Laelie also got to meet her cousin, Abby. The last time they met was when Laelie was still in my tummy. Abby showed her affection by smacking Laelie every chance she got. Laelie just stared at  Abby adoringly. At one point Job and I switched babies and I got the wiggly one and he got the still one. We were both amazed by the other. I can’t tell you which one is more work! Abby was not guaranteed to live past a few months old. Just one more evidence that doctors don’t know everything.

This is my *ouch* favorite *ow* cousin, Abby!

It was also fun to watch my dad play grandpa. He spent lots of time interacting with his favorite grandchild. Okay, well, his *only* grandchild. :)

And finally Gram was back in Placerville, where she belonged! She was buried in my favorite cemetery. It’s the perfect cemetery because it’s totally overgrown and wild. If not for the gate, you would walk through and trip over a stone in the brush and then realize  you were in a grave yard. Gram would have loved to do gardening on this place! I can see her with those  gloves of hers breaking her back here.  My grandma, Wynema, spent some time the day before clearing out enough  weeds so we could stand near the grave. Some of us even stood on graves, the names  on them  had  eroded with time. Then we went to the memorial at Gram’s church. Laelia laughed and cooed and fussed and made every kind of noise you can imagine through the whole thing.

Then on Monday, baby, Charley and I  went to antique stores like Gram and  I used to  every Sunday before we’d go  volunteer at the rest home. She would walk me through and point out things I’d never heard of that were staples of her existence once upon a time. I was looking down at Laelia and  considering how amazing it is to celebrate new life while at the same time  grieving life lost.  I enjoyed our trip, but I wish I didn’t miss Gram so much.

Picking up Christmas wrapping paper with Gram.

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