Poor baby




What do you get when your OT combines thick blue tubing and an old walker? Well you get a lot more than  from our home-made  PVC piping, bumbo chair and thin yellow tubing.  Tuesday’s therapy was fun. Once baby was all strapped in and that walker stopped rolling off the table, we were able to help Laelia make the connection between moving her shoulders and  reaching out  with her arms. She reached out for my mouth for the first time, then laughed and did it again! It was the best! Dr. Jill even said there was a more advanced kind of set up similar to this that they can attach to the back of her wheelchair.

Despite PT and OT being fun,  baby fussed all through  them both. I didn’t know she was having tummy problems at the time because it  wasn’t bad until  Wednesday night. I thought it was just some air sickness left over from flying back from Sacramento, but instead it was constipation.

Yesterday  Laeliekins got  her six-month shots. And got a fever to go with them (even after the Tylenol!) which broke this afternoon. It never got bad enough to take her in so we just waited it out. Since I knew it was shots-related, I was baffled that she was still crying even after the fever broke. But she has had about twelve (and when I say “about” I mean “exactly”) dirty diapers in the last two days. They were all painful for her to get out.  I even had to (hopefully none of you are eating while reading this) help her pull a bowel movement out since she was having trouble and was really red down there. Thank God for butt paste! This kid didn’t sleep last night either, just screamed and screamed.  She let me sleep from 1am  to 4am, and then Tammi  took her and let me sleep from 8:30am to 11am. Reminds me of when she was a little baby. You’d have to hold me at gun point to make me go through new motherhood again.

Oh I almost forgot.

When we went to Dr. Schwartz yesterday for our shots,  Laelia was diagnosed with dacryostenosis  or at least the  start of it. Now we have to push against  her  right  tear duct  twice a day to try and avoid surgery. The pushing and rubbing causes her a lot of pain so she screams. When I first described what we had to do to Charley, he responded along the lines of, “Just kill me  now.” But at least this only takes five seconds (and about five minutes of calming down) as  opposed to her stretches. But  the doctor  told us that most babies who don’t get better had parents who didn’t do it hard enough. Now  rubbing her eye duct won’t guarantee avoiding surgery, but if  her  eye clears up before her nine-month checkup then  that would be so wonderful! If it doesn’t, we are going to try and schedule the face surgery at the same time as the foot surgeries since they both require  the child be put completely out.

Poor little girl. She tugs  at my heart with that quivery lip of her’s. At first I thought she was having nightmares when she wouldn’t sleep.  That would have been worse since at least with this there’s treatment.  I love children’s infant Tylenol, grape flavor and butt paste! If  one of those companies wants my adorable child in a commercial, she’s ready for her close up. :)  

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