Life’s a beach


After spotting her shadow, the baby crawls back into the sand indicating six more weeks of winter. :)

We went to Tourmaline Surfing Beach because tourmaline is Laelia’s birthstone so we figured it would make a good very-first-beach-ever visit. Besides the wind, it was a great visit. I tried to find some shade and ended up going behind a rock with baby while her grandparents continued to hunt shells. I later got kicked out by a lifeguard patrol. Even though I had a bottle in my hand I wondered out loud, “Huh, I wonder where you can breastfeed on this beach if not here?” He retreated real fast! :) Ha, good times. Men are silly. Anyway, here are some pictures of our trip. Enjoy!

Glamour girls.

First shell found!

Wrapped up in Mommy’s sweater.

Getting sand everywhere! Even all over  my face!

Wiggling toes in the sand.

Tummy time on the beach by the cliffs!

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