Grandpa thought I made a good car model.

We went to the beach and  to the car museum. We ate our first veggie and  played puzzle quest for hours. We went on walks and went to the doctor’s office. We had lots of fun with grandma and grandpa!

While I was at work, the grandparents kidnapped baby and took her to the car museum. I just finished going through a little over 100 of their pictures of cars to find the one I used at the top of this  blog.  Grandpa was distracted by car heaven. :)

When I went to pick them up after work, Laelie gave me this big goofy grin. Sometimes Laelia looks wise beyond her years,  so it’s grins like these that let me know there’s an average,  goofy baby lurking beneath those  typically wide, intelligent  eyes. The grin did not go unnoticed by the ticket lady at the museum. She commented, “Look how that baby lights up when she sees her mommy!” I can’t tell you how good that felt. It makes me feel like I’m queen mommy! I walked out of there with a huge grin on my face too. :)      

Laelie’s  orthopedic appointment was another outing we had. It was  something I set up a month in advance so it fell during the grandparents’ visit. This appointment was the one where Scope (who makes the braces) and our orthopedic doctor (who prescribes the braces) could get together and hash out what  we’re doing with Laelia’s poor feet. Well I had to wait an hour and a half because  our doctor  was booked up and Jesus from Scope couldn’t wait that long. Laelie’s grandma and I  set up Laelia’s play gym replete with  PVC piping, arm restraints and toys right on the floor in the waiting room.  If we had to wait, we’d wait in style! :)  We also made friends with a mom and her teenage son who were also  waiting for the same  doctor. The mom was so nice. She cooed over baby and when their time came to go in, she offered me her spot! That never happens.  Last time we were in this waiting room I  overheard  a daughter say to her mom, “But mom that’s lying!” Her mom  then dragged her to the corner and reprimanded, “Do you want us to have to wait for the doctor?!” It’s people like that raising people like that who make  my experiences with doctors’ offices  harder.  So to be offered someone’s spot…! I can’t tell you how great that is.

Laelia’s  shoes don’t work right. They slip every time you pick Laelie up and they leave giant red marks.  We’re trying to get some AFOs with a Dennis-brown bar, but  even though the prescription was written for them, they weren’t sure they could be built with a removable bar. We’ll see.

It was nice to have visitors. I already miss them.  I told my friend that I had kicked out the grandparents yesterday,  to which all she had to do was raise an eyebrow before I admitted, “Okay, so I begged and whined for them to stay.” :)

Here are some random videos and pictures taken from grandma Christina’s  camera of baby doing baby-type things. Enjoy.


Throwing sand at grandma.

Goofing off with grandpa. (More like watching grandpa goof off. :))

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