Baby and I  had a need for some help last Thursday afternoon, but realized that we didn’t have anybody’s contact information. I had accidentally thrown away  my pile of addresses and phone numbers the week before.  I’d really appreciate if everybody could  email  me  their  name, phone number, mailing address and email. (Even if you’re family! Don’t think that just because I *should* know your contact info means I *actually* know it.) :)  

You can email the information to me at:

recordsky (at)

Last Thursday I was still dealing with  a medical issue  and ended up passing  out upstairs while baby was sleeping downstairs. Charley had to come home from work early and take care of us. I would have  called someone but that’s when I realized that  I had thrown away my contact list when I cleaned up the other week. (I try to clean my apartment at least once a month because I’m working  towards housekeeper of the year.) :)

I  promise to  keep everything  more organized  this time (and out of the trash).  My original filing system was not  that great (i.e. looked like trash). It consisted of a pile of envelopes from letters  that people had sent me over the years–that I kept for the return addresses–with phone numbers attached by sticky notes. Some people had moved, but since  the pile was anachronistic I didn’t know which addresses were updated and accurate. This time I promise to keep all my addresses and phone numbers nice and tidy. Maybe this Christmas I won’t have to call up Charilyn and ask for everybody’s  addresses… again. :)

PS: The “(at)” in my email address  above is  really “@,” but I’m trying to avoid having the Internet cooties scan my email and spam me silly.  


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