The Grey Witch

Thanks, everyone, for the emotional support. I’ve gotten lots of emails and phone calls from family and friends today and I appreciate it. It was May 15th, 2001 when Mom was killed in that awful  car accident, leaving Laelia without a grandma. I have missed her  anew while struggling as a mother myself.

Thanks also for the addresses and phone numbers. I’m waiting for them to magically coalesce into a working address book. If you haven’t sent me your address or phone number yet, please email it to recordsky (at)

Today baby and I went to Charley’s office and took a little tour. He works at the Union Tribune in San Diego. We met many of Charley’s coworkers and Laelie did a superb job of convincing them she was a calm, tractable baby. It’s all an act! :)  As I’m typing this, she is busy  fussing in her  crib.  The child is allergic to sleep! Of course the more of a routine we set, the easier she is to put down. We now read to her every night. I might even have a picture of that… here’s two.


Earlier today I had the ickiest phone call at work. I work in customer service and had a lady named Carla bellyaching because she had  received the wrong product in her mailbox. She is getting to keep the product she received accidentally  AND she is getting the product she actually wanted for free AND she’ll get it all in her time frame. Well the woman just complained and complained anyway. And then she announced, rather awkwardly and abruptly, that she was disabled. Having to deal with extra stress was hard on her. Because she was disabled. And she hoped she wouldn’t have to go to the post office to pick up her  mail  (why would she?), because it’s hard for her to walk the few  blocks and stand in the  line. Being disabled and all. And we should really feel bad for this mixup because she is disabled. Did I mention  she said she was freakin’  disabled?!  I wanted to say, “Hold up, you can walk  several blocks and stand in line with just a little discomfort? So how  exactly are you disabled, besides in the head?”

Oooh that woman made me so  mad. Of  course she got off the phone happy and satisfied because I’m darn good at what I do, but she still made me crazy.  She was trying to use her disability to get her something. I mean just because  you’re disabled, doesn’t mean the world  owes you! I would have done the same reparations for any customer who received the wrong product!  I felt like she was trying to get something else out of the situation because she happened to be, as she claimed, disabled in some way.  Well I’m sorry, there are some people who can’t walk to the post office and stand in line. Period. Some cannot  even lift up their arms to Mama to get held, let alone pick up a phone to  rant and complain.

In the fairytale,  Record of Lodoss War, there’s a character named Leylia (same pronunciation as my kid) who gets possessed by the evil Grey Witch, Karla. (Yes Karla, like Carla.)  If my Laelia ever got possessed by the Carla mentioned above, her evil act would be to demand things for herself because she has a pitiable disability. I promise to raise my child to never behave that way! I will do my best to teach her to have a positive outlook on life, and not to beat people over the head with her condition. And if I ever catch her trying to, I don’t know,  get her StarBucks faster because she’s disabled, I’m going to assume she’s been possessed by Carla’s outlook on life, and a major intervention would  take place! So I’ve come up with a new  condition called Grey Witch Syndrome.

Grey Witch syndrome  = Letting your disability disable your life.

Don’t let the Grey Witch around your kids!

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  1. Jason Rakowski says:

    Good Layout and design. I like your blog. I just added your RSS feed to my Google News Reader. .

    Jason Rakowski

  2. nathan says:

    Your encounter with that lady, though sad, brought me humor at 2AM. Oh joy!

  3. Linda Wesley says:

    Those pictures are freaking adorable! I love it. Thank you for sharing your lives with us.

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