Good times

Announcement: For the people who have asked about pronouncing Laelia’s name, I have added a pronunciation guide  to the Welcome page.(  

It’s been a busy week.  Tammi was sick this week so  we had to stagger our schedules  a bit, and that left me no time to blog. By the by, Tammi is able to  stay  and care for Laelie this summer! Yeay!  She’ll stay until she’s too big to stay anymore. I’m not being mean, she’s pregnant!  Megan, Laelie’s other babysitter, is also pregnant. I’m surrounded! :)  

Tammi and her husband, Rodney,  went to Idaho for two weeks in April. That was when Laelia’s grandparents came down to help me out. That trip to Idaho was  to interview with  Mission Aviation Fellowship.  They are going back in  August for a flight evaluation, but in order to get proficient on a specific plane,  Rodney will have to get  practice. And of course, with gas prices the way they are, it will be expensive. If anyone wants to help them out financially, email me and I can get you more information. They have something set up with Shadow Mountain.  

Or how about no one help them out and then they’ll never leave! Yeay! Okay bad Alexis! :)

Speaking of babysitters, Aduma flew in to babysit Charley last weekend. :) It was great. They went to the beach and played video games and talked in that adorable  way guys do where half of the words are unspoken and the other half are in code.  “Once a 41er always a 41er,” and all that.  Then Aduma cleaned my kitchen!  He said it wasn’t as bad as last time: the ultimate praise! :) Then they both did a ton of laundry. I can see my bedroom floor again!    

Then Sunday it was my turn to work in the nursery. We only had three babies including Laelie. It was nice because the AC was on and I was happy to hide from the heat. I mentioned to Brenda, a  fellow nursery combatant, that it was really hot in my apartment since we had no AC. I even had to do baby’s stretches in front of the fan. Actually she was in front of the fan a lot during our little heat wave. Here’s a video.

Another problem with the heat was that Laelia wasn’t sleeping at night because she was so hot and sweaty.  But the most amazing thing happened! Just a couple hours after *mentioning* it to Brenda, her husband, David, and his friend Chuck had an AC unit right over baby’s crib!  

Ignore that round thing on the dresser, it’s an expensive peace of mind device for crazy people. :)

Also on Sunday there was a cookout (cook in?), and a donation was taken for Laelia’s medical costs. We ate hamburgers and hotdogs while baby watched and made chewing faces. :) Phyllis even made a little canister with Laelie’s pictures all over it. It was great. Jill, Laelie’s OT, found a doctor in Minnesota who *knows* arthrogryposis and would be willing to see Laelie if we flew out there. We’re still considering it. We ruled it out because of expense, but now… well we’ll see. I’m excited!  It’s so nice to know there are people who care. We really do appreciate all of you guys!

Rachel is watching Laelia to give me a “blog break,” but when she’s not here, I have to listen to, “Mommy! Mommy! Baby!” the  whole time. For some reason that tugs on my heart even when it’s an electronic  voice. Here’s what I mean.

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