No more teachers, no more books, no more of Scope’s nasty looks

I’m free!!!! No more Scope!!!!  

So lately I’ve been more and more convinced that our San Diego Scope located in Children’s Hosptial is deliberately trying  to get us to go elsewhere for Laelia’s needs. There has been only one time, the very first time,  we have  received something we’ve needed for Laelia’s feet or legs without getting paperwork lost,  appointments forgotten or excuses for not even  starting on the construction of some orthotic piece when  they were suppose to, etc. And that first time all they did was pull  some shoes off the wall and stick them on Laelie’s feet. And they didn’t even work!  Those first shoes were the worst experience of our parenting lives, but we couldn’t convince  Scope that they were crap until torturing our daughter’s feet  for that whole first week. (That’s when we fired our tech and got the manager involved.) Then they ordered something else but didn’t work on it or get the paperwork in for so long that our daughter actually needed to be recasted for weeks because her feet were reverting to their original deformity!

Remember getting your braces off your teeth in high school? Well now imagine  you were  given a barbed wire retainer that doesn’t even work. Then after a week your teeth have  moved back so much that you  need braces all over again! Ridiculous right?! I got appologies over the phone that  seemed sweet and sincere, but the problems kept happening.

Then it dawned on me that maybe they were deliberately trying to get us to take our difficult child elsewhere. (Paranoia for me doesn’t fall far from the tree. :)) I mean if you think about it,  they wouldn’t be able to refuse us service outright just because Laelia’s care is  hard on their work schedules! We’d go to the press so fast their heads would spin! So instead maybe they did stupid little things like confirm an appointment for a time they knew I’d be at work, or say they were booked for the whole week when my child was in pain and needed a simple adjustment, or sigh audibly when I needed to check on a prescription for shoes that they’d forgotten about. And the receptionist came across totally rude, but if I called and got another person, they would *always* forward me to this person without an explanation.  

Then  the icing on the cake happened when  I got a call at work from my distressed husband who was rebuffed on Thursday from getting to see  Scope after taking the morning off work to do so. They said they called but there was no message or missed calls on my cell, his cell or anything on our home answering machine. I was furious. I told him to march back in there and demand to be seen. (It was like telling a kitten to roar.) Then I did one of the last options they left for me: I complained. Instead of going to the manager there, I called up  the boss at the coperate office.  I outlined all the crap that’s been happening. I was totally done with them. Yeay for me, right?

Only problem was that they got the complaint while my husband was still there trying to smooth things over. Yeah, he loved me for that one.

Then the hilarity insued. I don’t know why this became so funny. Charley calls me at work and says, “You’re fired.” Me! Not  dumb  Scope but me!  So I replied, “Okay, I’ll step down on the condition that we pretend I still wear the pants around here.” :) Aw, good times. But my sheepish grin did nothing to quell the looks from my husband. So Mr. Public Relations  effectively took over Laelia’s Scope dealings. He said he loves me too much to let me rot in jail after I go crazy all over Miss Thang (i.e. the receptionist).

Now Charley gets to deal with Scope’s insanity. I feel like I  spun  $1 on the Price is Right wheel  and  won my dream  vacation.  :)  And since Charley  can come across stoic whereas you can read my face like a book, it has the potentional for a sitcom. “Sorry Mr. Wesley, please please don’t call your wife on us.” *insert laugh track here*  Now when they take four weeks to remember they were suppose to be building Laelia’s AFOs, they will  get Charley’s gentle disapproval instead of my demands for competency.

But if I can digress for a bit, the real trick is to appeal to the manager’s inner enginer. KFOs were originally his suggestion and creating something to work with her feet and knees was his baby.  Sometimes when I mention that there is nothing out there that works with both her knees and feet at the same time while utilizing the Dennis-Brown bar,  I see this dreamy look on his face and know his thoughts are of a younger  version of himself building some elaborate setup in  his  garage over rock music. See, working on my daughter’s orthotics will be fun! It’s arthrogryposis, baby, not some boring sports injury.

But seriously, the bottom line is that we have a little girl here who gets bruises and  broken skin  from orthic  shoes that aren’t even working. We have been told, “But you’ve got to understand  that her care is expensive and we just recently made  those other shoes so  you have to  give us a break.” I don’t think any of them would leave their children with this:



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  1. Shari says:

    I hear ya! There’s no reason for a professional organization to be like that. And, to see Laelia’s foot like this….ugh. I am chuckling a bit though. I had a job where the boss was awful and I always came home crying. My husband called my employer without me knowing and told him he (my husband) fired me from my job and I wouldn’t be coming back. I had the same reaction, “Who me? You fired me?” Old memories. Have a wonderful day!

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