Can I get a bunch of people together to track down and cover with goo all the bullies that have written me lately? Yes, that is what justice calls for, a good gooing. Most of them are ads promoting themselves as friends commenting about Laelia, then if you approve their comment they torment you with endless ads for  RING TONES!!! Or worse, porn. But there are  also bullies who  by sheer cowardice write mean things to me through this site or youtube, thinking that anonymous messages about how my daughter is ugly or “deformed” are funny. That’s cyberbullying, kids, and McGruff don’t like that.

Speaking of cyber-related things,  most or all of you have probably received an invitation from me to sign up for This is a shameless bit of spam that sends out emails to your entire address book if you sign up for it.  The email  guilt trips  people into thinking that if they don’t click on  the “Is Alexis your friend?”  link then I  will receive this information and think they hate me.  It follows up the email by saying, “Please respond or Alexis might think you said no. :(”

I fell for it after receiving a  message from a co-worker who was leaving the company. I thought it was a way for him to stay in contact with everyone, so of course I would sign up (to his Indian love site? Okay, Jon, whatever) and be his friend. Well, just like he didn’t send out all those messages, I didn’t  send out  the subsequent mass mailing either.

Actually I have the perfect punishment for cyberbullies! Tie them to a chair and force them to feed my daughter peas and carrots! It’s the most disgusting/adorable thing you’ve ever seen. She recently  learned to spit them out of her mouth a good foot’s distance. (She once  got me right in  the face.) Then have those dumb cyberbullies call different government assistence programs and  daycares… ugh, no don’t do that. I’m not that cruel.

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  1. Melissa Rowe says:

    Ah hah! I was wondering about that Yaari thing. For a brief minute I almost fell into it as well, thinking, “oh.. well I’m sure Alexis wouldn’t send me something that wasn’t worth it…” but after pondering it, decided it looked suspicious & decided to wait it out. I’m glad I did now, haha.

    I am also sad to hear people are bullying you by saying mean things like that. I wouldn’t mind “gooing” them with you ;)

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