Food Fight!!!

Laelia goes out to sushi!

We let Laelia try some edamame the other day. I brought along a grinder and watched all the funny faces. Then  she watched Rachel eat some Miso soup. It was fascinating. :)  

We were told by her pediatrician that by the time she hits nine months (which happened yesterday), she  needs to be eating half  formula and half solid foods. She’s a little behind there.  It’s not like she needs the extra calories because she doesn’t move as much as other kids, but we are trying to get her to eat more solids. We finally mastered carrots and peas along with our oatmeal.  But she still doesn’t like avocados or edamame, though. Which starts me wondering if she really is my child. :)

I realized that we didn’t have to see her pediatrician for her nine month shots until the 23rd. I feel like when I was in school and I got an extension on a research paper. I just bought some rice and green beans and am ready to shove them down her throat. :)

By the way, my baby with  her mouth agape like a baby  bird  is only the  cutest thing in the world. :-O

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  1. Shari says:

    I am just getting caught up on the little Princess after having no internet due to moving. Cyber bullying makes me nuts. I had that happen to me, too, when we had to put our 5 year old son in a neuro rehab center because we didn’t have the tools to help him here at home. Hang in there! You ARE great parents and I love reading your blog. I pray a day care comes to you soon!

  2. kait says:

    Hi i just stubbled upon your blog from another bloggers link, you have a beautiful daughter and i will be keeping your family in my prayers! i’m so sorry that you have to spend so much wasted time getting a run around from people on the phone! Best of luck finding the daycare/services you and laelia need:)

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