Laelia’s noises


Baby with the green nose.

Laelia had a fun time at church this morning. Most of it was spent in the nursery with her friends.  Fellowship of San Diego  had the Slooze people come and slime all the kids. Laelie got slimed by pastor Ron before we left. I guess the slime was made out of vanella pudding and apple sauce because it looked gross but smelled good. Laelie had fun licking it off. :)

Also in the world of Laelie news, we can sit up! She is sitting up now by herself! (I forgot to mention that in  the previous blog.) I always thought she would sit up, but it was one of those things that wasn’t guaranteed. So she showed off that skill in the nursery. We are still working on getting her into a sitting up position, but that involves kicking some tummy muscles into gear. Actually those tummy muscles don’t want to do their job so her back keeps her upwards and that makes her lean forward a lot. Here’s a picture:

A funny thing happened this morning. I don’t know how appropriate this story is for all ages though. :)  A couple in an ajacent apartment  were having “relations” pretty loudly. The woman was making very interesting noises and it sounded like it was coming from our living room! All of our windows are open because of the heat and all these apartments are so close together so that’s why it was so loud. I didn’t know if I should say something, but  my inner debate was settled when my 9 month old started mimicking that woman’s sounds!! It was the funniest thing ever! Laelie really picks up on noises like that. She matched the noise perfectly. I started to laugh and make different (expenentially louder) sounds, but it was a competition for volume. Finally I yelled out the window, “Thanks for the show!” to which I got a husky male reply of, “You’re welcome!”

Speaking of noises, Laelie can now make the “la la” sound by moving her tongue. Only instead of moving it up and down she moves it side to side. She has said her own name a few times that way on accident. It’s an easy name for her to pronounce.  (So there!!! :)) Now if all the adults in her life could do it. :)

Well  Dada and Auntie Linda  are in Disneyland today making me once AGAIN  the single parent. But I’ve been promised that tomorrow I get to take a few hours for myself with no baby responsibilities. I’m looking forward to it. But as always, 20 minutes in I’ll start to miss the little bug. :)

To explain the weird thing on Laelie’s arm in the picture above, we are trying out a wrap-around contraption to help with Laelie’s inverted shoulders. So far her arm looks great when she’s wearing it and then reverts back when it’s off. It also leaves candy-cane stripped red lines up her arm. We’ll see how long we put up with it. And this Tuesday she will have new elbow splints that will be awkward but hopefully let her see her hands more.

I actually saw a sleepy baby in the nursery today with nothing on his arms or legs and wondered for a moment why his mother didn’t put his splints and braces on. I had to catch myself before I said something. When Laelie gets sleepy it’s a mad dash to get all her gear on so her feet and wrists don’t go back while she sleeps. It’s weird to see babies barefoot and fancy free. It doesn’t seem natural, but hello that IS natural! It’s my life that’s outside the mold. I wonder if I’ll ever get used to that.

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  1. thainamu says:

    I’m glad you are having fun with Laelia’s language learning. I thought that part was so fun with my kids!

  2. Kristin Hetrick says:

    Hey Alexis,

    I had the exact same kind of mommy moment this weekend with my cousin’s little boy. As he was sitting at the table getting ready to eat dinner, I told my aunt, “oh wait, doesn’t he need enzymes?” Enzymes are the meds Emma takes to digest food so every time she puts something in her mouth she needs them..Jenna also gets a kick out of me sometimes when I attempt to give them to her too!

    Don’t you take Enzymes too??? (insert cheezy grin here!)


  3. bungee says:

    So I guess – being a good father – you’ve already given her the “birds and the bees” talk?

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