Bolt comes to visit

Achievement Unlocked: The Right Click!

After a bit of trepidation, Laelie warmed up to Bolt. She cuddled up to him for her lesson on how to right click. She had already mastered the space bar. By the way, did you know that if you press the space bar while reading/doing stuff online that whatever you’re doing will scroll down to the very bottom? Yeah it does that every time your baby presses that thing. Very annoying come to think of it. :)

It’s been so wonderful to have guests in the apartment. And oh so good for Laelie. Someone is always watching her or playing with her or making noise around her so I don’t get burned out as much. Plus I’ve seen the energy level rise significantly around here. SO  NO ONE IS ALLOWED TO LEAVE! :)

Bolt (whose actual name is David Ringer) and Linda both introduced us to Facebook on Saturday which ate up most of  our weekend. :) I spent so much time uploading pictures of my adorable kid that I had no time to blog. Or clean. Or cook. Or sleep. You get the idea.

But the absolute best thing about having Bolt around is all the Spades I’m winning! Girls against guys is so fun. We are undefeated! And the cheating just gets less and less subtle on the guys end. (If this does not invite Charley to a retaliation blog I don’t know what will.) :)

Fun fun. :)

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