Trip to the zoo

A few weeks ago, (sorry I didn’t get this up sooner)  Linda and baby and I went to the  zoo to see all the animals.  Baby ended up just staring at all the people instead of the animals.  And conversely, a lot of  people who came for the animals spent a suspicious amount of time staring at (and many talking to!)  Laelie. Anyone over 50 was puddy in her chubby hands. :) She loved her day. Here are some highlights.  

We started off the day with a healthy breakfast. How Mommy got it on my head is the real question. One change of clothes later…

We went around finding all the Laelie Bugs.

Here’s a cute one.

Then we saw the reptiles. Laelie was SO transfixed.


Snakes are boring.  We fell asleep.

Then we ended the day in the spinny chair.  Dizzy fun! (Shhhh, she thinks it’s part of the zoo. :))

Also while we were there we took the stroller up this moving walkway that went up this huge hill. Linda was out front pushing the stroller while I was  behind her  holding Laelie. The moving walkway just got steeper and steeper to where I had to squat to keep my  balance. Then at the very top of the walkway the stroller got caught in the lip where the track rolls under us and Linda goes crashing into it! Now I’m walking backwards up a steep hill with my legs spread out all funny while holding Laelie in my arms to avoid her. All the while Linda is squealing. :) She finally got the stroller unstuck and we were able to get off that thing. It reminded me of my honeymoon. (Now now people. ;)) Charley hit the top of an escalator at the airport while pulling all our luggage behind him  and it all fell backwards on me. I went tumbling over it and we had a great time explaining to the airport security that we were on our honeymoon. It must run in the family. :)

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