Laelia loves bears

Click on this picture for the video!

My little darling is in love with every bear. :) It’s adorable! She also loves her duckie. We do have to help her cuddle them, but this child loves her stuffies! I have to remind Puppy to stop stealing them from her. *rolls eyes* It’s becoming a problem. I set  the baby  up with a stuffy and then go to the kitchen and by the time I get back Puppy has the stuffy in her  mouth across the room while baby is just staring at her totally bewildered. I wish I could catch it on video. (Puppy is our tabby cat by the way. :))

We had a hard weekend, but we’re all doing better. This week we’re going to be doing some long term plans and budgets and talks about daycare and adoption and the future and stuff. All of that.  We also have to discuss when we want to do that test that will determine if I  can have more  kids.  Well I  can have more kids, but this will let us know  if I have good odds to have kids  who are healthy and physically whole. We have to figure out if we want it done earlier (so we know earlier and can make some long term plans now), or much later with her surgery which will be easier on her. The later is  what we’re leaning towards, but we had no idea how upset we would be at the prospect of not having more kids. So now I just want to know for sure so I can start working through that information. And of course we still have to meet with our geneticist on this issue as well. We already picked him out (he was the one who diagnosed our daughter). Also  at the end of this week we will  hopefully have Laelia’s new shoes. They are going to be pink! I can’t wait. No more sore little feet! Okay, that’s all the updating I have for now. Here’s  more  bear photos … just in case I haven’t crashed Phyllis’ computer yet. ;)

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  1. linda wesley says:

    That video is ADORABLE!! I very much miss my Laelie already. Love to all!

  2. Melissa Rowe says:

    Since you mentioned the computer crashing on phyllis –

    It does that because the resolution on the images posted are so huge and the site is trying to resize them all to fit on top of the loading. I am sure resizing images is the last thing on your priority list, so for a helpful tip to Phylis – I usually press “stop” right when I come to the site so the images don’t load, then right click to view them separately in another window.

    That being said, post away! I enjoy all the pictures :)

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