More babies!

Joshua David Circo

He’s finally here! Megan, after a bit of a scare (more than a bit at the time) gave birth to a perfectly healthy and perfectly  handsome baby boy via  emergency C-section.  He’s so perfect! I love his little fingers and his little ears and his little nose and his little everything else! And look at that perfectly round head! :) He has Megan’s nose and John’s forehead, but he didn’t open his eyes much for me so I can’t tell on those.

Megan, as you all may recall,  was Laelia’s babysitter every Monday for months and months. She did Laelie’s painful stretches, physical therapy, played with her and went through the switch from milk to solids with her to name a few things. Near the end, Megan did Laelie’s stretches awkwardly bending over a giant tummy. :) We’ll miss her but we’re excited for her too.

Unfortunately Laelia and Joshua haven’t met yet! A security guard stopped us on our way up to visit and told  me NO BABIES! Well he was nice, but he told me to go home since Charley wasn’t there yet (more on that later). So  Joshua’s daddy, John, had to come  out and watch Laelie while I visited with Megan and baby Joshua. It was a baby switcheroo. :) Then Charely  finally arrived  and we switched back. So Laelie was stuck in the waiting room with other kids (as old as twelve!) who were banned from seeing new moms and new babies.


After visiting with baby Joshua, Charley took me to dinner to celebrate all the good things in our lives right now. Recently we heard that Laelie’s arthrogryposis was one of the worst cases of muscle atrophy they (certain medical people)  had seen. There are worse cases  in general, but of arthrogryposis kids, Laelie is not  as functioning as we would have liked. Although they did say that they  marvel at the fact that we got her straightened out as much as we did. And that’s with stretching and serial casting only, no surgeries on her upper body yet! We’re still hoping  for the best,  but  it has been settling in our hearts that  our daughter may need some extra help in life. Still I am amazed at all she had accomplished in her short life so far. But this news and some other minor things we learned (that I’m not going to focus on now) were very hard on us–Charley especially. So we have been trying to focus on all the good things. And we couldn’t think of a better place to celebrate than the hospital cafeteria  where our good friends just had their new baby.

Well,  we were going to go to the hospital cafeteria but Charley had gotten so  lost on his way to the hospital that he  was parked too far away. He told me that he didn’t want me to feel like I was the only birth that he got lost on his way to. :) (If you haven’t heard the story, Charley was driving me to the hospital to have Laelia and my dad and Christina were following him. The hospital is right down the road and we had been there for ALL of our childbirth classes. So of course he got lost. :) Did I mention it was right down the road?! Seriously. :)) So Chili’s  got us.  It was a little past Laelie’s bedtime so we asked for a quiet booth so she could sleep through dinner.  Later we  joked to the waiter, “We asked for a quiet table,” and pointed at our happy daughter who was busy singing (squealing?) a happy tune.    

I’m having a blast!!!

While Megan is not coming by anymore, we still have Tammi. One thing that came up during our celebration-of-positive-things dinner was that Tammi is in her nesting stage of pregnancy. Woo hoo clean dishes!  At first it was just nice that Charley was finally doing more housework… until he thanked me for doing it. Then we figured it out. :) Ah nesting, I remember  that burning desire to bleach my bathtub at 2AM. Good times. We’re trying hard not to take advantage of the situation. :)

Another positive thing we are thankful for is that we have Chelsea coming over doing Laelie’s stretches three afternoons a week. It’s been nice not having to worry about those. Actually when she started doing the stretching, everything started to get right with the world. It is amazing how much a helpful and willing person can change the mood of an entire  household.  

We also talked about Laelie’s shoes during dinner. We were looking forward to throwing them away the next day and getting her new AFOs.  But when I called the orthopedics people up to see if  they got the shoes I was informed that we could not get them that day.  Why the heck not!?  I wanted to know. The earliest the orthopedicist could see us would be Tuesday the 26th  right before occupational therapy. Turns out this company is family owned and  operated (one of the things I love about it) and the receptionist/wife of the orthopedicist, you guessed it, had a baby! Haha! I guess I’ll let it slide this one time. :)

And that’s when I realized that me and  the people in my acquaintance are directly responsible  for overpopulation. Yeay for babies! :)

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