I love my baby!

I just had the best day with my baby and I just have to tell everyone about it! We played for hours and sang songs and read together–it was great! She is sleeping now and I miss her. :(

Today I did her stretches just twice, but both times, despite being a little stiff, she wasn’t too fussy. I took big breaks and gave her lots of attention and distractions. She only cried through the worst three stretches, and was even smiling through the other ones! I did her stretches at church in the courtyard while other people and their kids distracted her. She didn’t cry at all! Of course I skipped those last three. She was such a good girl though.

This morning I figured out a new use for her supination splints by stringing up her arms for some elbow bending. The soft materials are much better than her hard elbow splint. I’m pretty much a genius. :) Just got to figure out the blood circulation problems.

Lali  likes kisses on her tummy and tickles on her toes and anything that involves hanging upside-down. I showed her a picture book with baby animals and after I said each of their names, “giraffe, bear, lion” she would squeal the same syllables, “squeal-squeal,  squeal, squealion.” I’m in love with my baby!!!

This weekend  Lali gripped my fingers strong enough in each chubby fist to support being lifted into a sit-up. We were thrilled she had enough hand strength! Then Charley and I  tried to teach her how to snap. (Too soon?) She just stared at us like we were nuts. This  went on  a while. :)  

I found out I like spelling her nickname  “Lali.” I just like it. Still pronounced LAY-Lee.

My baby is the bestest ever.

The end. :)

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