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Friday, October 24th, 2008

Good girl

All our doctor appointments are done! Hooray! I’m exhausted so I can only imagine how  baby feels. We are thankful we live so close to two  pediatric orthopedic experts who are both available Friday mornings. Then we went to  Lali’s pediatrician where she got stuck with five needles. :( Charley ended up not being able to go into work between doctor’s visits like originally planned since they took FOREVER (a long wait before you see each doctor followed by a huge wait to get the x-ray followed by a huge wait to see the doctor’s assistant whose never seen a kid with this kind of arthrogryposis, ooh fun, then another long wait to get the results then another huge long wait just for fun, etc, etc.), but it was nice to have  Charley around schlepping baby bags.

They did another x-ray of her hip. It turns out that it might be a tiny break in the bone after all, but for some reason when kids are this little it doesn’t show up on x-rays until it starts to heal. Don’t ask me how this works–something about babies having soft cartilage instead of bone  and tears only showing up as they heal…  two doctors confirmed this, but I still don’t quite understand it. Plus how would she have broken something??! They are taking another x-ray in three weeks and may see what happened then. In the mean time she’s suppose to rest. That means sitting and being entertained, only instead of grandpa, now I have to do it. :)

They mentioned that putting her in a cast may help her heal faster, but just the thought of it made me feel a little sick and reminiscent of the first few months of her life. But thankfully since she doesn’t move much anyway she doesn’t absolutely need one. Well, either that or he didn’t want me to cry, either way she’s not getting one.    

She is getting better. She now only cries when you move her hip or leg just right.  When I first got back from DC,  she cried every time you picked her up or put her down or moved her or held her. And from what I’ve heard, it was worse before I got back.  Today she was fine until every blooming doctor wanted to rotate and examine her poor leg.  She gave them an earfull!

In other doctor-related news, we got a good report of her right foot and a bad report of her left foot. They want to put off her major  surgery again until she “loses more baby fat,” so pretty much  it will never happen. :) My child is 90% baby fat! :)

We saw her pediatrician this afternoon,  and his wife (who is also a pediatrician) took a look at Lali’s x-rays again. Lali also got the go ahead to try different foods and a sippy cup! (She is developmentally delayed if you were wondering why she hasn’t started that stuff yet. But we’ve been told that she will “catch up” to the other kids in everything but her physical limitations obviously. So as for learning words and trying new things, she gets a little behind since she didn’t have the building blocks of kinetic learning in place first.)

We also got a full checkup and found out how many strange things are considered “normal.” :) I mean, as new parents we always ask about every red mark or weird behavior and find out that every baby in the world has that or  does that.  Like Lali loves to bang her head into things. Over and over and over. Until she does it hard enough and starts crying. So the pediatrician is saying how smart she is, and then, as if she heard him, she starts to bang her head into the wall. *sigh* We got the “normal” stamp on that one too. :)

Lali is home now and sleeping soundly. She’s so adorable. Every doctor agreed that she has a pout that makes you want to stop the examination and  give her some ice cream. :)

Laughing Laelia

Wednesday, October 22nd, 2008

Grandpa and Grandma left to go home last night, but they let me have another video off their camera. Once again my baby is happy as ever. :)  She has spent a lot of time just sitting somewhere, because lifting her and moving her can cause her to cry out in pain. So this video is of my dad entertaining her on  a fluffy  air mattress in the middle of the  living room to alleviate what otherwise would be a boring afternoon just sitting there. Enjoy!

If you can believe it, Grandma Christina started taking this video after Lali had already been laughing for quite a while. :)

PS: Lali is doing a little better today! We are being very careful with her right leg and hip.

Oh yeah, poor baby ;)

Tuesday, October 21st, 2008

This is my baby in chronic pain. You should see her on a sugar high! :)

My dad is Larry, Moe and Curly. :)

Mommy is back from DC!

Tuesday, October 21st, 2008

Mommy is back from DC!

I had a great time in Washington DC! Well, there was one rough day when Charley called me up to tell  me that my baby was in constant pain… yeah.  Of course this happens when I’m gone! The only week I’m gone ever!!! There was one point during a dinner that I got the news that none of Lali’s bones were broken. We all cheered and I bought some celebratory, fancy  ice cream. I don’t know if being able to hear Lali’s voice on the phone made things better or worse. I wish my husband had a video phone, but alas. Thankfully we seem to have the pain under control… unless we move her just so. She has three doctor’s appointments on Friday. I’m going to demand a hip ultrasound even though we had x-rays already. It’s going to be a hard day on Lali. Charley and I are both taking that day off work to help Lali through it.

We have no idea what happened. It could have been something really slight according to the doctors. It could have been a little twist caused by her reaching for a toy or something. My guess is that her hip  popped out just ever so slightly and got inflamed. Yet another issue with a special baby.

I got home and went upstairs to get Lali from her nap. She opened her eyes and blinked a few times as if to make sure I wasn’t part of her dreams. Then she just started shaking. It was weird. Eventually tears followed. I joked that she was mad at me for leaving, but I don’t know what kind of tears those were. I picked her up and she screamed out in pain. It was my first taste of her new delicate state. I held her close and she sniffled into my neck. My precious little, tiny baby girl. She is the love of my heart and my heart is whole again.

Oh I love her so much.

I’m never leaving her ever, ever again! No matter how tempting DC is! :)  

Pray for Laelie

Friday, October 17th, 2008

Charles here.

Poor Laelie has been in pain for a day now. She’s fine if she’s in one place, but anytime you have to move her to change a diaper, adjust her orthotic gear, etc., she screams out in immediate pain.

The pain seems to be localized in her right hip or knee–perhaps both. We don’t know what caused it, or even if anything did cause it. The x-rays came back fine, so it could be that something’s twisted, or she could have some kind of joint infection, or…..who knows. We’ll see her orthopedic doctor early next week if it doesn’t get better over the weekend.

So please pray for Laelie. And pray for me, since I’m taking care of her by myself at the moment. And pray for Alexis, who is still in Washington, DC, and is about climbing the walls right now that she can’t be back with her baby.



Monday, October 13th, 2008


Bye-bye Mama :(

Okay I’m officially gone now. No more emails or blogs for a week. The apartment is passable, but not as clean as I would have liked. Charley has enough baby food and instructions to last a week (or a year). Lali has more than enough cuddles. Her facial expressions  turns to “Get off me mom!” whenever I get near her now. :)

For those of you who don’t know, this last week has been pretty crazy. Nothing to do with baby and everything to do with our personal and professional lives. And I mean “crazy” in a bad way. We’ve had friends and family go through a lot too. We survived this week, but it’s not the week before a long trip that I wanted with my family.

On the plus side, Lali had a good birthday and got a few gifts from people (thank you!). She also got  a new babysitter for her birthday. :) We’ll miss Phyllis though.  She couldn’t  meet my demands to move next door, so we finally  had to find someone closer. :) We  had several people show up for interviews. Our interviewees  were different ethnics groups, family sizes (one family of eight),  sexual orientations and  one Deaf applicant. It was reminiscent of one of those video montages from a movie.  It also reminded me  of that one scene in Mrs. Doubtfire.  :)

Okay I’m joking. :) They were all good, but none of them were the perfect match. I didn’t have a peaceful feeling  about anybody and would rather travel the long distance to Phyllis instead of leaving  my babykins  with someone I didn’t feel 100% sure about. Then we met with Jessica  last Saturday and the door had barely closed behind her before Charley turned to me and said, “When can she start?” :)

So Jessica, who has had Lali since Thursday, will have her this week while I’m gone, and then Angela will pick her up at the time I would normally get her and take her home. That way she stays on her schedule.

There are a lot of firsts waiting for me tomorrow morning. It will be my first time in a limo. My first time to Gallaudet University. My first time to Washington DC,  seeing the historic sights. And most importantly, my first time away from baby for a whole  week! That will be hard on me.


Monday, October 13th, 2008

Um, I think I made a mess. :)

Feeding myself!!!



More Cheerios!!!

The Stander!

Monday, October 13th, 2008

We rocked the stander! :)

So we had our first experience with a stander last Tuesday. We discovered that a stander will be really beneficial to Lali at some point, but until her hips are allowing her legs closer together, it’s not doing it’s job correctly.  But a little weight did get through her legs. She was a very good baby about it all. She didn’t like being strapped down, but didn’t cry even once.

Later down the road  when her legs (not her crotch)  are doing more of the weight bearing,  it will be very  valuable to us to buy one of these for home use. They aren’t cheap though. Um, unless we quit our jobs and live off the government. Then it’s free for us and expensive to responsible taxpayers. Yes, I’m still mad at the system. :-/

To prepare her for a stander among other things,  we are doing Lali’s physical therapy everyday to get her hips and legs and knees doing what we want. Hopefully one day soon she will be physically able to sit like a lady. I mean come on. :)

Here is the process:

The Standinator!!!

Strapping her in.

We realized here that her hips didn’t go straighter so we widened the bottom.

Standing her up slowly.

Kind of standing! :)

Laelia’s boyfriend

Monday, October 13th, 2008


Yes I will be one of *those* moms who meddles! :) I’ve already named their kids. ;)

Laelia turns one: Birthday pictures!

Saturday, October 4th, 2008

Borrowed some matches from  the cool  neighbors.

We used one of those dessert cup cakes  and covered it in frosting.  

First experience with processed sugar!

Why did I think that a simple bib would save this white outfit from the chocolate onslaught?

Sugar rush!


Had to add a mustache. :)

Got rid of the mustache. She  found the candle prize in the middle.

She pulverized it!

All cleaned up!