Bye-bye Mama :(

Okay I’m officially gone now. No more emails or blogs for a week. The apartment is passable, but not as clean as I would have liked. Charley has enough baby food and instructions to last a week (or a year). Lali has more than enough cuddles. Her facial expressions  turns to “Get off me mom!” whenever I get near her now. :)

For those of you who don’t know, this last week has been pretty crazy. Nothing to do with baby and everything to do with our personal and professional lives. And I mean “crazy” in a bad way. We’ve had friends and family go through a lot too. We survived this week, but it’s not the week before a long trip that I wanted with my family.

On the plus side, Lali had a good birthday and got a few gifts from people (thank you!). She also got  a new babysitter for her birthday. :) We’ll miss Phyllis though.  She couldn’t  meet my demands to move next door, so we finally  had to find someone closer. :) We  had several people show up for interviews. Our interviewees  were different ethnics groups, family sizes (one family of eight),  sexual orientations and  one Deaf applicant. It was reminiscent of one of those video montages from a movie.  It also reminded me  of that one scene in Mrs. Doubtfire.  :)


Okay I’m joking. :) They were all good, but none of them were the perfect match. I didn’t have a peaceful feeling  about anybody and would rather travel the long distance to Phyllis instead of leaving  my babykins  with someone I didn’t feel 100% sure about. Then we met with Jessica  last Saturday and the door had barely closed behind her before Charley turned to me and said, “When can she start?” :)

So Jessica, who has had Lali since Thursday, will have her this week while I’m gone, and then Angela will pick her up at the time I would normally get her and take her home. That way she stays on her schedule.

There are a lot of firsts waiting for me tomorrow morning. It will be my first time in a limo. My first time to Gallaudet University. My first time to Washington DC,  seeing the historic sights. And most importantly, my first time away from baby for a whole  week! That will be hard on me.

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