The Stander!

We rocked the stander! :)

So we had our first experience with a stander last Tuesday. We discovered that a stander will be really beneficial to Lali at some point, but until her hips are allowing her legs closer together, it’s not doing it’s job correctly.  But a little weight did get through her legs. She was a very good baby about it all. She didn’t like being strapped down, but didn’t cry even once.

Later down the road  when her legs (not her crotch)  are doing more of the weight bearing,  it will be very  valuable to us to buy one of these for home use. They aren’t cheap though. Um, unless we quit our jobs and live off the government. Then it’s free for us and expensive to responsible taxpayers. Yes, I’m still mad at the system. :-/

To prepare her for a stander among other things,  we are doing Lali’s physical therapy everyday to get her hips and legs and knees doing what we want. Hopefully one day soon she will be physically able to sit like a lady. I mean come on. :)

Here is the process:

The Standinator!!!

Strapping her in.

We realized here that her hips didn’t go straighter so we widened the bottom.

Standing her up slowly.

Kind of standing! :)

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