Pray for Laelie

Charles here.

Poor Laelie has been in pain for a day now. She’s fine if she’s in one place, but anytime you have to move her to change a diaper, adjust her orthotic gear, etc., she screams out in immediate pain.

The pain seems to be localized in her right hip or knee–perhaps both. We don’t know what caused it, or even if anything did cause it. The x-rays came back fine, so it could be that something’s twisted, or she could have some kind of joint infection, or…..who knows. We’ll see her orthopedic doctor early next week if it doesn’t get better over the weekend.

So please pray for Laelie. And pray for me, since I’m taking care of her by myself at the moment. And pray for Alexis, who is still in Washington, DC, and is about climbing the walls right now that she can’t be back with her baby.


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  1. Donna Murray says:

    I’m praying for Laelie, you, and Alexis.
    I know it’s so hard to know your baby girl is in pain…


  2. Robin Clark says:

    We will most certainly pray for your gorgeous little girl! We’ll pray especially for discernment by all of those involved with determining the source of the pain.

    Robin Clark

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