Mommy is back from DC!

Mommy is back from DC!

I had a great time in Washington DC! Well, there was one rough day when Charley called me up to tell  me that my baby was in constant pain… yeah.  Of course this happens when I’m gone! The only week I’m gone ever!!! There was one point during a dinner that I got the news that none of Lali’s bones were broken. We all cheered and I bought some celebratory, fancy  ice cream. I don’t know if being able to hear Lali’s voice on the phone made things better or worse. I wish my husband had a video phone, but alas. Thankfully we seem to have the pain under control… unless we move her just so. She has three doctor’s appointments on Friday. I’m going to demand a hip ultrasound even though we had x-rays already. It’s going to be a hard day on Lali. Charley and I are both taking that day off work to help Lali through it.

We have no idea what happened. It could have been something really slight according to the doctors. It could have been a little twist caused by her reaching for a toy or something. My guess is that her hip  popped out just ever so slightly and got inflamed. Yet another issue with a special baby.

I got home and went upstairs to get Lali from her nap. She opened her eyes and blinked a few times as if to make sure I wasn’t part of her dreams. Then she just started shaking. It was weird. Eventually tears followed. I joked that she was mad at me for leaving, but I don’t know what kind of tears those were. I picked her up and she screamed out in pain. It was my first taste of her new delicate state. I held her close and she sniffled into my neck. My precious little, tiny baby girl. She is the love of my heart and my heart is whole again.

Oh I love her so much.

I’m never leaving her ever, ever again! No matter how tempting DC is! :)  

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