Good girl

All our doctor appointments are done! Hooray! I’m exhausted so I can only imagine how  baby feels. We are thankful we live so close to two  pediatric orthopedic experts who are both available Friday mornings. Then we went to  Lali’s pediatrician where she got stuck with five needles. :( Charley ended up not being able to go into work between doctor’s visits like originally planned since they took FOREVER (a long wait before you see each doctor followed by a huge wait to get the x-ray followed by a huge wait to see the doctor’s assistant whose never seen a kid with this kind of arthrogryposis, ooh fun, then another long wait to get the results then another huge long wait just for fun, etc, etc.), but it was nice to have  Charley around schlepping baby bags.

They did another x-ray of her hip. It turns out that it might be a tiny break in the bone after all, but for some reason when kids are this little it doesn’t show up on x-rays until it starts to heal. Don’t ask me how this works–something about babies having soft cartilage instead of bone  and tears only showing up as they heal…  two doctors confirmed this, but I still don’t quite understand it. Plus how would she have broken something??! They are taking another x-ray in three weeks and may see what happened then. In the mean time she’s suppose to rest. That means sitting and being entertained, only instead of grandpa, now I have to do it. :)

They mentioned that putting her in a cast may help her heal faster, but just the thought of it made me feel a little sick and reminiscent of the first few months of her life. But thankfully since she doesn’t move much anyway she doesn’t absolutely need one. Well, either that or he didn’t want me to cry, either way she’s not getting one.    

She is getting better. She now only cries when you move her hip or leg just right.  When I first got back from DC,  she cried every time you picked her up or put her down or moved her or held her. And from what I’ve heard, it was worse before I got back.  Today she was fine until every blooming doctor wanted to rotate and examine her poor leg.  She gave them an earfull!

In other doctor-related news, we got a good report of her right foot and a bad report of her left foot. They want to put off her major  surgery again until she “loses more baby fat,” so pretty much  it will never happen. :) My child is 90% baby fat! :)

We saw her pediatrician this afternoon,  and his wife (who is also a pediatrician) took a look at Lali’s x-rays again. Lali also got the go ahead to try different foods and a sippy cup! (She is developmentally delayed if you were wondering why she hasn’t started that stuff yet. But we’ve been told that she will “catch up” to the other kids in everything but her physical limitations obviously. So as for learning words and trying new things, she gets a little behind since she didn’t have the building blocks of kinetic learning in place first.)

We also got a full checkup and found out how many strange things are considered “normal.” :) I mean, as new parents we always ask about every red mark or weird behavior and find out that every baby in the world has that or  does that.  Like Lali loves to bang her head into things. Over and over and over. Until she does it hard enough and starts crying. So the pediatrician is saying how smart she is, and then, as if she heard him, she starts to bang her head into the wall. *sigh* We got the “normal” stamp on that one too. :)

Lali is home now and sleeping soundly. She’s so adorable. Every doctor agreed that she has a pout that makes you want to stop the examination and  give her some ice cream. :)

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  1. Kiersten says:

    Lali’s grandpa had Ryan cracking up to as we watched Lalie in all her glory!!!!
    She is getting cuter and cuter every time I see a picture or video.
    I’m glad she is in less pain and I hope she recovers quickly. Poor little thing!

  2. Christina says:

    Your daughter is truly amazing and a true miracle from GOD. I am looking forward to getting to know her story and her. God Bless

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