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Tammi’s babyshower!

Saturday, October 4th, 2008

Tammi’s babyshower!

From left to right in back: Laelia (mommy Alexis), Daniel (mommy Diana), Isaac (mommy Cara)

From left to right front: Emily (mommy Shannon), a tummy which  turned out to be  Justice,  (mommy Tammi), Joshua (mommy Megan)

One year already

Thursday, October 2nd, 2008

I found out more details of my business trip and more of what my responsibilities are today. It hit me that I’m leaving in 12 days, and will be away from my baby for almost a  week! That’s the longest I’ve ever been separated from her! How will I survive? I miss her just thinking about it.

I’ll be gone October 14th-19th. Leaving very early snurly in the morning the 14th and getting back super late the 19th. Although I’ll miss Lali, I’m really  excited about Washington DC and this opportunity to represent DawnSignPress at Gallaudet University!  

I won’t have email access or anything during those days just to warn people. Right after I get home, Lali’s grandma and grandpa may be coming over to visit for a belated birthday present for Lali so I may be getting an email you send me during that time waaaaaaaaaay later. :)

Speaking of birthdays, her’s is tomorrow! She’ll be  a one-year-old! Has it really been a year? She’s still just a little baby. Well I think that until  one of my friends  pops out  a baby and then I realize how huge mine really got. :)

Speaking of friends having babies, Tammi and Rodney welcomed Justice Kent Dyrud into the world on September 28th.  

Now I think that’s everybody. Whew. :) I threw a babyshower for Tammi where five babies (four nursing) came to the  party with us. I love all our baby friends! I’ll post the picture of all the babies at the shower (surrounding a pregnant Tammi) when I get a copy. Or if you’re reading this and you have a copy of that picture, email me! Thanks! :)