Laelia Rolls Over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Go to the link above to see the magic happen! It’s just amazing! We didn’t think this would happen for another year! It was one of our *official goals to start working on so she’d do it by the time she was two. Well she did it at one! My child the prodigy!

We just set up our goals three weeks ago and then the next Tuesday after that  her physical therapist, Monica, worked really hard with Lali to teach her how to roll. We had been rolling her in a towel or blanket before then, but Monica showed her how to turn her head and move her hips. Then yesterday (just yesterday! Thursday) I practiced with her a ton until she did it! Almost accidentally! Then she did it three more times! From tummy to back! Back to tummy is still hard, but she only needs help half way! Isn’t this just the greatest news ever?!!!!

Even with all the muscle loss, she is able to roll! That makes all the difference in the world! Now I’m hopeful she’ll be able to get around her home as an adult by rolling or scooting. Of course now I’m very hopeful for crawling! Crawling was something that looked impossible before yesterday. Maybe she’ll do it next year? Who knows anymore!

We’re over the moon! We take her home to Placerville to show off her new  trick for  family for Thanksgiving. I’m so thankful!

*Her goals are based on reasonable expectations in development overseen by Early Start (her teacher, Dawn)  and the Regional Center.

4 Responses to “Laelia Rolls Over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  1. linda wesley says:

    I’ve watched this video SEVERAL times, believe me, because I am so so excited to see her do this! But one of my favorite parts (besides the rolling) is how high Laelie is lifting her arm at the very end. Wow, what progress!

  2. Robin Clark says:

    This is just awesome! And despite the fact that the RC wasn’t able to get Laelie on the Medicaid Waiver, their services have helped her roll!!

  3. Baggins says:

    I love it!

    The second video link that pops up at the end of this video is when you were celebrating her being able to lift her arm a few degrees.

    Now look at her!

  4. Donna Murray says:

    How absolutely wonderful!
    What a great gift to be thankful for on Thanksgiving!

    Way to go, Laelia!

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