Therapy Cat

What is a therapy cat? It’s just how  I justify a third cat in our apartment. :) Apparently “Christmas cat” wasn’t good enough to get Charley to go for it. :)  The fact is that Laelia reacts well to kitties (she  calls them  “gookies”) and will reach out to them or try to use her body in different ways to get to them. (Great physical therapy!) Problem is that our two gookies  won’t have anything to do with her.  So we found out that the animal shelter will cut the price of adoption and surgery (getting it fixed)  in half if the animal goes to a disabled person. Thus, therapy cat. :) I wanted a kitten, but they just weren’t good with her. We saw this eight month old and got  her out of  her cage  just to pass the time.  She  walked right up to  Lali and let  Lali pull  her fur and smack her face while she purred. Instant love! So we had to bring her home.


Click on the picture for the video!

2 Responses to “Therapy Cat”

  1. Amy says:

    How perfect is that!? I can’t wait to see more of Lali and her new therapy cat. :o)

  2. Anonymous says:

    Oh that’s cool! Sounds like a good choice… you don’t always know how a kitten’s personality will turn out. I can’t wait to meet this one ;) I also like the coloring – I want one of those! Maybe Steve and I can get a cat like this, already fixed and all. hmm….

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