Laelia’s Christmas! (warning: enough pictures to upset an older computer)


I wish I had some pictures from  Laelia’s Christmas Day Adventures(TM), but I accidentally left my camera at home. Above is a picture we took when we got home. She’s a little reindeer. (Not a devil, Charilyn! :))

We took her to see Chelsea’s family on Christmas day.  Baby had a ton of fun. She tried some pie, and made eyes at Adam, and listened to musical snowmen, and knocked over blocks, and refused to nap, and was adored by all and so forth and so on.  :)  They were happy to have a Christmas baby since the celebrations were lacking one.  (And I saw some not so subtle hints towards the young marrieds there to supply one for next year!) :)

On Christmas Eve (I’m going in reverse) we spent some time with my mom’s side of the family when they came down to see Nathan move into his new place. We had dinner with my cousins and aunt and uncle. Here are some cute pictures.

Cousin Tice!

Cousins Josh and Nathan

Josh’s face after  learning that the waitress thought he was gay. Long story. :)

Haha, yes the background (upper right)  does say “Born in a brewery.” :)

Laelia getting to sign Tice’s cast. Finally it’s her turn to be the one signing the cast instead of the one wearing the cast! :)


This is one of  my favorite pictures  of Little Miss Busy Fingers being herself. She almost dragged a glass off the table and Josh’s dessert! We tried to put everything else out of reach. Nathan kept putting her little arms back on the table so she could continue her mischief. :) (Click on the picture above for a video of that!)

The whole family!

Then Charilyn  babysat Lali the  day after Christmas while Charley and I went to the movies. (Slumdog Millionare, go see it!) We got back and Lali was just getting sick, but she wasn’t too fussy. Then we played more canasta (Charley and I kicked some serious family tush!) before they all got ready for Josh’s birthday concert. We had to get  our little sickie-face to bed. All in all a great holiday!

Laelia’s present from us  this year was her Christmas “gookie” (or “caaaa” as she’s been calling kitties now). We named her Pokeylope. The two are pretty cute together. But  Pokeylope looks just like our other cat. Here are the two different cats, can you tell which one is the new one? Hint: Puppy (the other  cat) won’t let baby touch her.  

Oh and here’s one last picture I labeled “drunken reindeer.” Enjoy! :)


Flat on her face! :) Busy day I guess.

Merry Christmas!


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