Feeding herself!

We are excited to announce that Laelia actually fed herself last night! That means a big thank you to all our stretchie helpers! Stretchie time (also known to adults as “stretches time”) has always been difficult, but we are seeing the fruits of your labor! Her right elbow has become loose enough through stretching to where she can reach her mouth! Right now her primary stretchers are  Jessica, Chelsea, Lauren on Wednesdays and of course Charley and I at night and on weekends. But Tammi, Megan, Brenda, Sam and Angela also were stretchie masters at one point or another. :) THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! We are so excited for what this means for the future! No more holding a banana or cracker  up to  Lali’s  mouth for hours and hours! (Okay minutes, but hey I’m lazy!)  :)

On a more  somber note, not a lot of arthrogryposis kids can do what Lali’s right elbow can do. Many need surgery to gain a few more inches of mobility (range of motion). We were told that she may never stretch this far. (It was “unlikely.”)  And I’ll admit that after learning that she had no biceps, I had imagined a terrible struggle with things like feeding herself and going potty. Those have been my two primary  worries for a long time now. So after her accomplishment last night we are feeling truly  blessed and lucky and happy and hopeful. And the more stretchies she gets, the less discomfort she’ll feel when feeding herself. That last little bit of stretching for her hand to reach her mouth can be uncomfortable. And when it’s  uncomfortable it can mean the difference between her being done or eating another bite. (If bringing a spoonful of ice cream to my mouth brought me a little  discomfort I think  I’d weigh less!)  :)

In the video below she not only held the food for her mouth, but she also used the table to anchor her arm. (I helped.) Then she brought her head down to get the food, stretching her elbow in the process. Well by “food,” I mean  “food-stick product” or whatever  junk that was. (It kinda looked and smelled like  cat food… which explains why Pokeylope ate all the leftovers!) :)

Enjoy the video! (You may want to turn off the volume since my cheering and baby voice  are pretty bad. But hey it was her first time!) :)

2 Responses to “Feeding herself!”

  1. Kiersten says:

    YES!!!!!!! She is so awesome – I am so proud of her and her determination! I thought, when you first moved the food to a better spot for her hand, that she gave you a little “back off mom – I got this” squeal!
    Go Lali, Go Lali, Go-Go-Go Lali!!!!!!

  2. Danielle says:

    Wow! Praise the Lord!

    Laelia is a such an inspiration. Thank you for sharing your story.

    I’m praying for all three of you!

    (From the UT)

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